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Now this is an interesting sidebar on the Afghanistan crisis...

However I have heard elements of the first paragraph from a number of 
sources now... The second paragraph, The paranoia, the paranoia!



Reported by: Mohammad Ali Hazara

9/20/01 :: A former Pakistani Acting Foreign Minister, Niaz Naik, disclosed to BBC on
18 September 2001 that Americans had plan long ago to attack Afghanistan, capture or
kill Osama Bin Laden along with the Taliban leader, Mula Mohammad Omar, and install
former King Zahir in Afghanistan. He told the story that there was a meeting in
Berlin under the UN auspices, chaired by Francis Vendrell, on July 17, about
Afghanistan. Pakistan was represented by him and other four Pakistan retired military
generals, Iran was represented by Sayed Khorasani, Russia was represented by former
Russian ambassadors to Afghanistan, Nikolai Kozerov and Yuri Varensov and the USA was
represented by Karl Inderfurt, the US Under-Secretary of State and Thomas Simon, the
US Ambassador in Islamabad. The American diplomats told me, Mr. Naik said, "they plan
to attack Afghanistan in Mid-October this year before the winter comes and the snow
falls. The aim of this military action is to capture alive or dead Osama Bin Laden
and the Taliban leader, Mula Omar. The Taliban government will be toppled and former
King Zahir will be installed. The military operations will take place from Tajikistan
where American advisors are already stationed. Uzbekistan will be also involved where
17,000 Russian soldiers are ready there for this purpose. These operations will be
conducted within 3 weeks". Taliban and their Islamic regime will not be allowed to
survive even Osama is handed over to the USA, Mr. Naik added.

The remarks of Mr. Naik strengthen the speculations that the well-planned attacks on
the World Tower Center in New York and Pentagon in Washington might be the work of
the American administration to pave road for its crusade against Islam. The first
target of this crusade is Muslim Afghanistan, then those Muslim states whom the
Americans do not like and then gradually all Muslim intellectual movements and
organisations around the world will be rooted out. Big powers are used to kill their
own people for their own ends. Their colonial past made them used to kill innocent
people for their objectives. Russian president, Boris Yaltsin resigned in 1999 and
Vladimir Putin, head of KGB - not know by many, became Acting Russian President. He
announced presidential election. Few months before the election, 13 bombs went off in
different dense populated areas of Russia that killed many innocent people. Russian
media widely accused the Chechen Muslims. The Russian public was so nervous that
asked the authorities for immediate action against Chechens. Every one who had black
eyes and black hair was suspected and detained by the authorities and was hated and
beaten by Russians. Muslims in Russia had very tough time those days. To cool the
temper and emotion of the people, Mr. Putin attacked Chechnya and destroyed it,
killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people and uprooted millions more. Mr. Putin
got popularity and the Russians thought they had got a right person to lead the
country, to preserve the unity of the Russian Federation and to restore the pride and
prestige of the Russian empire. Overwhelming majority elected Mr Putin. After a year,
it was found that the KGB agents under the direct instructions from Mr. Putin were
behind all those bombings. Thus, Mr. Putin got up to the presidency on the dead
bodies of his own countrymen. This is the way politicians are used to.

Similarly, who knows who were behind the very complex, well calculated and precise
attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon on September 11, keeping in mind
that the dust of the hit buildings were not reached the ground that the names of
Osama was coming out as responsible from every politician and media. The British
leaders, and US as they had prior preparation for the incident, cried immediately and
simultaneously that 'we are at war'; 'it was attack on democracy'; 'it was attack on
the free world'. They shouted 'it is war of civilisations', implying Islam and the
west, and 'we have to and will wipe out the roots of all those who oppose our values
', etc. It seems will founded that the west, under the leadership of the USA, has
waged a crusade against Muslims. They will first crash the Taliban and then will go
after other states, organisations and intellectuals who consider Islam their way of
life. A long battle is ahead. Tabliban by nature are conservative and pro-west if
decide to take side. They are not tolerated by the US because they consider Islam as
their way of life and thinks independently. Many past colonial powers, leaded by the
USA today, have not accepted whole-heartedly yet that the world is made of different
nations, colours and creeds and must live together in peace and mutual respect. They
still look to the third world as their colonies and looking to the Muslims as those
against who the Christian crusade is not ended yet in spite the fact that nearly all
Muslim states are pro-west and all Muslims around the world showed their every
sympathy with the innocent victims of 11, September 2001.


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