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Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 21:40:47 +0100
Subject: Re: Lyotard on the "here-and-now".


What's the reference page, text etc.


hbone wrote:

>Dear All,
>In nt notes on "The Inhuman", I found the following quote:
>"The question raised by the new technologies in connection with their
>relation to art is that of the "here-and-now".  What does 'here' mean on the
>phone, on television, at the receiver of an electronic telescope?  And the
>'now'?  Does not the 'tele'-element necessarily destroy presence, the
>'here-and-now' of the forms and their 'carnal' reception?  What is a place,
>a moment, not anchored in the immediate 'passion' of what happens?  Is a
>computer in any way here and now?  Can anything  _happen_ with it?  Can
>anything happen  _to_  it?"
>I read "The Inhuman" sometime ago, but the above never grabbed my attention.
>Now, I find it intriguing, for I don't understand it.
>Since it is one of the works most quoted on the List, I'm sure some of you
>have studied this passage, and would appreciate comments.


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