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Subject: Hello. Long time no email.
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 18:11:50 +0800

Hello everybody,

I am/have been hard at work with my coursework (and reading and reading and
reading:). I have missed this list as a source of information and as a site
of learning...
Hi Steve!
Hi Hugh!
How's it going?
Steve do you remember a short lived discussion we had regarding Badou and
his Ethics? I have just finished reading a book entitled "Beyond Semiotics"
by a scholar from this neck of the globe named Niall Lucy. His claim to fame
is that one of the markers of his PhD was Derrida. The subject matter of the
book is therefore 'Derrived'. He writes of similar things to Badou, but with
an Australian bent! Quite funny actually (like as well as peculiar (to other
European and US sourced texts) it is humorous!). It sort of makes more sense
than Badou (not being translated from French and all, I think might help). I
thought you might find it of interest (if you haven't already read it?). I
quite like his (Lucy's) notion of the deconstructionist sign and signifier
existing in a kind of 'phase space' where they oscilate around a strange

I thought it might be interesting to see what the discussion was like after
the terrorist attacks.
I am keen to read what is discussed and throw in the misguided question
every now and again.

Glen (formally known Alas no longer!)


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