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Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 20:30:04 -0600
Subject: Re: We have always been cultists


I have to admit I am at a loss here.  I spent a fair amount of time and
energy these past few weeks summarizing the first four chapters of
Badiou's Ethics. I included a number of direct quotes in them as well.
Now you want me to go through Badiou once again and select some
additional quotes, so you can simply pick them apart with your usual
random and sporadic comments.

Frankly, I can't see what is to be gained by doing this again! I already
did it once! Didn't you read what I wrote the first time?  

You said in a previous post that you reacted negatively to what Badiou
was saying.  All I was asking was for you to clarify what you meant by
this remark. I wanted to understand your personal reaction to these
concepts, and, also, perhaps some articulation of what you understand by

Because I really don't think it is appropriate to simply throw out
comments like: "As you know, I think cultism when I read the names,
codewords and endless abstractions of Badiou and those other guys."

Do you have the name of good de-programmer you can put me in touch with
since you obviously hold these discussions, and apparently me as well,
in contempt? 

Explain to me exactly why I am a cultist and what meaning cultism might
have in such a context?  Also, how it is again you consider yourself
immune to all this?

Furthermore, Negri and Hardt do not simply discuss the concept of Empire
in isolation. They discuss it in the context of the Multitude and
counter-Empire. Personally, I don't consider myself the Empire and I
certainly don't think Empire simply means anything goes, so your entire
argument along these lines seems like nothing more than specious
reasoning to me.

For the record, my wife has dual citizenship in Ireland. So, actually,
this issue of citizenship is something I have discussed with her and
considered, but never acted upon. 

I am a native born American and frankly don't give a damn for your
"America, love it or leave" attitude.  I'll stay here if it suits me,
thank you very much and critique it for its bad faith, if it suits me. 
That's the difference between patriotism and fascism.

Tell me, does the living presence of a native-born cultist with
abstract, foreign (French) ideas scare you? Do you consider me a
terrorist as well? I'm just curious.

Why do you continue to participate in a group like this, discussing the
abstract ideas of a dead white guy, if you hold it all in contempt or
think it is merely a form of cultism? 

Send me a dozen quotes why.


PS - For the record, I enjoyed reading the Baudrillard essay.


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