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Subject: Re: Ataraxia
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 13:03:00 +0800


I have read up a (very) little on Ataraxia. The most succint interpretation
I have found so far is that there are two axioms.
1. No fear of the Gods (or the workings of the world are actually the
workings of the Gods). So no divine retribution.
2. No fear of death. (To worry about the afterlife is like worrying about
the before-life.)

I have been thinking about what a translation these axioms into present day
equivalents would be like. I don't think the death drive has changed much,
but the notion of present day 'Gods' I found interesting, what would be
'their' form? (I am assuming 'Gods' take the form of the motivatory force
behind any interpolatory practice.) The logic of capital? Badiou mentions

Also, something else that I found to be interesting in my reading was that
the Epicureans did not actively participate in politics, rather 'they stood
to the side and observed'.



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