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Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 15:52:14 +1000
Subject: Re: er and a game/ reading the mail


In Newsweek there is the story of a  man from Hiroshima, educated in the
who, as a Japanese speaking U.S. soldier, was a translator, and was sent
to Hiroshima soon after it was destroyed.

 Some of his current thoughts on war"

"Now at 77, I continue to work for peace  I believe that all countries,
including the United States, must stop using the threat of war as a
negotiating tool and find a way to resolve global conflicts without killing
more people.  It is my hope that by speaking out about the horror of
Hiroshima, I will help ensure that it is never repeated".


steve wrote,
> All
> After 911 we got 'ER' on the event and after the war against Afghanistan
> we get a java game... after
> iraq and sudan we will get what? a few more avoidable deaths and a bit
> more hardware required from military-scientific complex
> regards
> steve


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