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Self as Other - psychoanlytically - perhaps for within psychoanalysis 
all subjects are split - otherwise how?


>As an adjunct to my initial post:
>Badiou speaks of the "'freedom of opinion'" being "first and foremost the
>freedom to designate Evil" (8).
>Something may be regarded as an 'evil', an Ideological State Apparition, or,
>perhaps, a 'normative norm', but not an Evil. The "truth-process. to use an
>expression of Lacan's - punches a 'hole' in these knowledges" (43), then
>creates new knowledges, "the truth forces [new] knowledges" (70).
>But for this to happen the truth-becoming-subject must realise this:
>"There are as many differences, say, between a Chinese peasant and a young
>Norwegian professional as between myself and anybody at all, including
>myself. As many, but also, then neither more nor less." (26)
>When I said conservatives I meant in the sense Badiou means, as conservation
>of subject. Not in the fidelity to a truth-becoming process but to something
>The notion of 'myself as different to myself as a Chinese peasant' I think
>is the radical point of departure that allows anyone to play 'philosopher',
>or, perhaps, another way to look at it is, for anybody to regard their Self
>as Other.


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