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I like some of the comments you have making. This post, especially.  I
share some of the same confusion and hope we can discuss further once I
get to the later chapters where Badiou discusses some of these issues
more directly.

but its late, right now the only truth for me is sleep.  Wish me sweet


Fuller wrote:
> Steve,
> > Self as Other - psychoanlytically - perhaps for within psychoanalysis
> > all subjects are split - otherwise how?
> I am basing that (rather provocative statement!!woohoo!) on Badiou's
> disinterested-interest, which is possibly a more complex notion than it
> seems.
> Where if all truths are known only subjectively (even though they are
> asocial) then what you encounter as an Other (radical difference) is
> some-one that 'knows' of some 'truth' that you do not. (Here I am assuming
> that all humans follow a primary axiom of "I will do what is the most
> right", even if they don't know it, hmm.) And is behaving in such a manner,
> with a level of certitude, that is sufficient to allow you dis-place your
> self (and enter a truth-becoming process).
> But the truth may only be opinion dolled up (simulacrum and terror) but it
> operates, for the some-one, as a truth. How can you know that the 'truth'
> (the axiom which is guiding this human being, which deciphering is
> problematic, but I don't think impossible) is a truth? Well it is asocial,
> no?
> Why I don't think this 'deciphering' is impossible is because the process
> needs to be done your side of the fence too, so to speak, and here is where
> the disinterested-interest is found.
> And it's not the beliefs or opinions that you actually find in the Other,
> which leads to the truth-becoming-process (Other your Self), but the Other's
> process-of-truth-becoming that you witness, that which creates new
> knowledges. Or, perhaps, a 12 round fight between Immortals.
> Glen.


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