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Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 20:26:54 -0600
Subject: Re: Polemics

Fuller wrote:
> > Naomi Klein points to the ways in which identity politics was easily
> > co-opted as a new marketing strategy by transnational corporations.  She writes: "As we look back, it seems like willful blindness. The
> > abandonment of the radical economic foundations of the women's and
> > civil-rights movements by the conflation of causes that came to be
> > called political correctness successfully trained a generation of
> > activist in the politics of image, not action. ... We were too busy
> > analyzing the pictures projected on the wall to notice that the wall
> > itself had been sold."
> Hey, where is this from? It is a very good quote for some of the stuff I am
> writing at the mo (feminist reading of Badiou!).


I took this quote from page 124 chapter five of No Logo, entitled
Patriarchy Gets Funky. Actually the whole chapter is a good anecdotal
one on the various ways in which diversity and identity politics were
stripped-mined by corporations going after a global market.



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