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Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 11:58:44 +0000
Subject: How to be an obstacle...

For those who have not seen it..... (apologies for the formatting)

November 10th/11th
10am to 5pm
How to be an Obstacle?  =A39/=A38/=A37 individual days; =A313/=A312/=A311 whole weekend
Direct action, street politics and antiglobalisation
A major weekend conference exploring the limits and opportunities offered by
direct action.  While ballot box politics is reported to be in decline,
least in the West, the politics of popular protest is taking off: from
colourful spectacles to direct, and sometimes violent, confrontation with a
variety of political targets. 

The conference will focus on new social movements (including the
antiglobalisation movement), actions on the internet, and individual
actions, as well as looking at the ambivalent response of the traditional
'left' to these emerging forms of political activity.  We will also be
asking whether there are acceptable and unacceptable expressions of direct
action and what might be the future of the movement in the light of the
events of September 11th.  Running alongside the conference there will 
film screenings, a workshop, and an exhibition of photographs.

Speakers will include Antonio Negri (specially commissioned video), Ricardo
Dominguez, from the Electronic Disturbance Theatre; George McKay, author of
DIY Culture; Bruce Kent, former vice-president of CND; Paul O'Connor,
founder of Undercurrents; Hilary Wainwright, editor of Red Pepper; Stan
Vincent; Head of Actions, Greenpeace; Sam Wild, Indymedia; John Jordan,
artist and antiglobalisation activist; and Gibby Zobel, founder of Schnews
and news editor, The Big Issue.

tickets and information: 0207 930 3647



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