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Subject: Question
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 06:25:59 +0200

Hi all,
In Postmodern Condition Lyotard calims that the grand narrative of 
Enlightenment has lost its credibility. Lyotard does not believe 
metanarratives accounts offering a way of bringing together all rules of 
justification into one overall justification. This is incredulity towards 
the metanarratives such as Enlightenment. Why does the metanarrative of 
Enlightenment lost its credibility? Lyotard introduces the impossibility of 
metanarratives such as Enlightenment in the actual state of society 
delegitimation. Rather than grandnarratives, he introduces multiplicity of 
language games. Why does the unifying metanarrative of Enlightenment cannot 
justify all possible events anymore? What is the base of the delegimation of 
Enlightenment as a grand narrative?
If you can help me to answer this question, I will be glad.
Burc Babahan

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