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Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 22:49:54 -0600
Subject: Re: We have always been cyborgs


you are not alone if you don't like Badiou. Both Diane and Shawn have
sent posts stating their own reservations. (I am also merely presently
his argument, but not necessarily as a disciple.)

So, yes, I would like to hear you expand on what you are reacting to so
negatively in Badiou.  Is it similar to what Diane and Shawn have
expressed or is it something different for you? 

The whole reason I have outlining this book is to provoke discussion.  
If no one speaks, what good does it do?

Also, I recognize that individuals and even states can each sometimes
act ethically, but that wasn't my point.  Do you really not see the
extent to which US actions often show a disconnect between realizing its
strategic interests and the need for the media and politicians to
idealize this in the name of liberty and justice. 

In the past, you have often argued yourself precisely along these lines.

Have the recent events changed you that much? Are you now feeling more
sentimental about these purple mountain majesties, these amber waves of
grain? These ABMs with nuke warheads above the fruited plain?


ps I mentioned the connection with Dewey because I think it is a
interesting connection to make. Call it my own sense of patriotism.


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