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Yes, sorry, by sound I meant consistent. That is the ethical subject does
all s/he can to be as just as possible, but only within the constraints of
the event. And that is a process in which the self is always suspended,
besides as another player, or stake-holder, in the event, not the same as
any other(s) but no different either. I am still playing with Badiou.


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> Glen,
> I suppose the point at which i have most questions about your post is this
> business of the "ethically sound." I think one of the points on which a
> number of our references here might be brought together identifies the
> ethical as always something other than "sound." Haraway's insistence that
> the cyborg isn't innocent has at least something in common with, for
> example, Derrida's claims that ethics can never be reduced to
> "technology" without ceasing to be ethics.
> There are lots of ways of coming at the quasi-dualism that's in play
> here. It's harder to know which is useful without knowing how
> "soundness" plays though.
> -shawn
> Shawn P. Wilbur
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