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Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 06:41:06 -0600
Subject: Re: ethics

steve.devos wrote:
> no not Kantian - Hegelian... Hegelian descended through Hyppolyte's
> work Logic and Existence...

Steve and his cyborg cat:

I'm afraid, even with rehab woes, I can't let you off that easily.

1. There is clearly a connection between the sense of obligation that
derives from Kant's categorical imperative and the sense of obligation
that derives from Badiou.  In my reading, Badiou is simply opposing Kant
to Levinas and making an argument that inverts somewhat the arguments
Levinas uses to oppose Kant.

2. I am not making this up. Even the translator, who is in the process
of publishing a book on the philosophy of Badiou makes this connection.
See section Section III (xvi) where he connects both Kant and Lacan to

3. It is not enough to throw out a name (Hyppolyte) who I am not familar
with.  What is the argument and how does it differ from Kant's?



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