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Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2001 01:18:32 +1000
Subject: Re: more on cyborgs and the inhuman


> Is speed, frenzy, stress, the 80 hour workweek, the dependence on fossil
> fuels, the proliferation of intellectual property, the loss of privacy
> through government and corporate invasiveness, the inequalities brought
> about technological differentiation, the growing stockpile of weaponry,
> gated communities - are these all merely deterministic functions of
> development, technology and complexity, or are they the result of the
> social/economic/politic matrix from which these technologies emerge.

IMHO these evils are consequences of the acts of living people whose
religion is greed, and whose tools are institutions and technologies.  The
EVIL ONES siphon wealth from worker/consumers in the form of Rent, Interest,
Profits, Taxes, Insurance, Advertising.  That where our money goes.

Development, technology and complexity are not actors in this drama.... only
names of  concepts.


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