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Subject: Re: more on cyborgs and the inhuman
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 13:58:23 +0800


Who is Bateson?


Are you introducing a notion of complexity to understanding and, therefore,
Hmm, like a singular axiom, as brought about by a truth-becoming-process,
has many component parts that has meanings (and simulacras) beyond the mere
simulacra(s) of the axiom itself (in Badiou speak).

I liked the axe man feedback story. However, where does intuition take part
though in the production of meaning? Eg the axe man intuits the different
processes of chopping down the tree, and then for the conservation of time,
effort (and perhaps brain cells), he simply communicates it as "I chopped
down that tree."

Also the axe man may be using any misunderstanding of the communication of
'tree chopping' as a determinate of Otherness. Does this person I am
communicating with intuit the same meaning and therefore have the same (or
at least similar) understanding of the process of chopping down a tree?

Intuition... oooh scary.


PS Is everyong having a good Chrissy period? Is it really cold where anyone
is? Here it is a rather nice 28 degrees (cent.) plus; relaxing beach

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Subject: Re: more on cyborgs and the inhuman

> Eric,
> Bateson could have enumerated all the atomic particles of all the atoms of
> all the molecules in all the proteins in all the cells of the axman.
> the fact, such totality and inevitability
> seems to confirm pure fatalism..  Even God cannot change the past.  Those
> strokes seem to have little effect on the social fate that threatens
> Occidentals and Orientals alike.  If your boat sank you could remember
> Bateson, take nap while your body swam ashore.
> Olsen is right too,  Its a poetic thought.   Of course, the whole earth
> takes care of the feather, and all the other feathers, and societies,
> badly.
> Its the old question of who are we and what can we do about it, and why
> it matter?
> best,
> Hugh


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