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Subject: Re: cyborg *
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 14:11:14 +0800


Also with the cyborg discussion isn't it also possible to think of a cyborg
in terms of a widening of the subject's field of experience (seeing in UV,
hearing ultrasonic,etc), and also increasing the mediated nature of that
which is already experienced, through many more layers of 'technology' (in
which I include ego-based rational thought, as a culturally constructed, or
programmed, technology).

Something which I have been thinking about is the apparent irreconcilablity
of an ethically sound perspective (informed, self-reflexive, etc), and one
that is indebted to immediate experience as pleasurable, painful, etc like a
young child for example, where the latter seems undenialbly more 'real'.
Badiou seemed to close this gap to some extent, however, a cyborg
subjectivity, which increased the mediation of experience, would that not
continue to reinforce dominant precepts and ethical shortcomings?



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