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Oh, I forgot to add on the level of the everyday, not in the realm of
politics, or any other language game (particle) being participated in. Where
I think the liberty or possibility of an ethical performance is a lot
greater (even if that is not an actuality;).

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> G'day,
> Also with the cyborg discussion isn't it also possible to think of a
> in terms of a widening of the subject's field of experience (seeing in UV,
> hearing ultrasonic,etc), and also increasing the mediated nature of that
> which is already experienced, through many more layers of 'technology' (in
> which I include ego-based rational thought, as a culturally constructed,
> programmed, technology).
> Something which I have been thinking about is the apparent
> of an ethically sound perspective (informed, self-reflexive, etc), and one
> that is indebted to immediate experience as pleasurable, painful, etc like
> young child for example, where the latter seems undenialbly more 'real'.
> Badiou seemed to close this gap to some extent, however, a cyborg
> subjectivity, which increased the mediation of experience, would that not
> continue to reinforce dominant precepts and ethical shortcomings?
> Glen.


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