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Please remember

and be short notice for the next stage...


> All, 
> Move On, , is organizing a virtual march on washington
> on Feb. 26 (inside the US dateline for those outside of it). The idea
> is that by a progressive bombardment of emails and phone calls, we will
> communicate to the present ancien regime that last week's street
> protests were not merely photo opportunities. All the info you need to
> participate is on the website. Despite our various critical arguments,
> we all seem to agree that the current American (and sometimes European)
> hegemony over international politics deserves to be challenged as
> fiercely as possible. Move On is a good way to get a foot in the door.
> As I hinted, street protests turn out to be television events for many
> Americans (like reality television). These are not to be denied, they
> do have an affect (who can forget seattle). But if any serious
> distraction and rethinking of American politics is to be done by
> americans in america, the lawyer-lobbyist and the letter writer are
> necessary complementary arms to the struggle on the streets. I need not
> explicate further, this is old news. Timing is key. 
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