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Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2003 14:00:05 +1000
Subject: the latest in propaganda...


1) It was online yesterday at the link below, but have seen nothing on TV.

2) Yes, its about oil, but the effect on Israel is more problematic. The
U.S. spends $1 billion of our taxes per day for the military, Iraq war cost
excluded, but how many suicide bombers per day can  a billion Muslims send
to Israel?

3) And, if we refuse to blame this mess on God, what, in the Lyotardian
spirit of  personal responsibility and obligation, is to be done, and how

(propaganda link)

Eric wrote:

> Steve,
 > Thanks for sending this. Would you believe, this hasn't even been
 > mentioned in the US media, as far as I can tell. (Has anyone in the
 > group seen this reported here?)
 > The big news in the US as we go to war is Michael Jackson, not Powell.
 > The US has undeniable weapons of mass distraction.
 > I am simply Kynical about this war and, as I have said before, think it
 > is merely about maintaining control of the oil situation in the Middle
 > East and strengthening the position of Israel in the area. The rest of
 > this is merely rationalization.
 > I believe Hussein probably does have weapons of mass destruction. So
 > does Korea. Doesn't the very process of inspection tend to contain Iraq
 > and doesn't the possibility of war threaten to destabilize the region?
 > This is besides the point, however, when it is all about making the
 > world safe for SUVs.
 > eric


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