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The long term political consensus is that it is a short term issue. That is
caused by a misunderstanding of precisely what countries like Poland and
Romania are signing upto on joining the EC. 

Perhaps they have not realised that they are signing away their national
soveriegnty - and imagine that a socio-political bias towards the USA (as a
bastion of freedom and the economic savior)is acceptable within Europe. The
pro-USA bias which is common in eastern-europe is not sustainable -
especially when I'm paying for it....


when they effectivley sign over there 

> The split among Europeans over support of the US is not doing any  harm
> to US interest in weakening the counterbalance of the European  union. 
> New alliance patterns are emerging.
> Judy
>>And the paranoid rumours from Paris are that the reason the USA is  so
>>keen on european expansion is to prevent the EC becoming a 
>>greator challenge to the US hegemony...
>>David wrote:
>>>In case you hadn't already heard, many restaurants around the 
>>>country have renamed french fries "freedom fries."  As funny as it  is
>>>sad and stupid, this isn't where the nationalistic stupidity and 
>>>black & white, us vs. them mentality (and I'm using the word 
>>>"mentality" liberally here) ends.  Many restaurants are banning 
>>>french wine, french water, perrier & more.
>>>Among the changes I envision for the near future:
>>>French poodles will be renamed "freedom poodles"
>>>French kisses will be renamed "freedom kisses"
>>>French bread will be renamed "freedom bread"
>>>All French Canadians will now be considered "Freedom Canadians"
>>>"Frenchie" from the movie "Grease" will be renamed "Freedomie"
>>>French horns will be renamed "freedom horns"
>>>The actor "French Stewart" will be renamed "Freedom Stewart"
>>>French Restaurants will either be burned or be renamed "Freedom
>>>Restaurants" The Franco-Prussian war of the 19th century will be
>>>renamed "The  Freedom-Prussian War"
>>>The expression "Pardon my french" will be renamed "pardon my freedom"
>>>Any and all Francophone cultures will be renamed "Freedom-phone
>>>cultures" German shepherds will be renamed "freedom shepherds"
>>>German cake will be renamed "freedom cake"
>>>German cockroaches will be renamed "freedom cockroaches"
>>>The word "Germane" will be renamed "freedom"
>>>The German Chancellor Gerhardt Schreoder will be renamed "Freedom
>>>Schreoder" "Germs" will be renamed "freedoms"
>>>Germanic languages will be renamed "freedom languages"
>>>German sausage will be renamed "freedom sausage"
>>>German measles will be renamed "freedom measles"
>>>And finally, France and Germany will be renamed "The United States."
> -- 
> "Reality is nothing more that a stubbornly persistent illusion" - 
> Albert Einstein.


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