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Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2003 13:42:24 +0000
Subject: Re: the latest in propaganda...


The interesting thing is not the fact that they lied - but that they 
could not hide there plagiarism, or rather perhaps, even more 
interestingly  that they did not want to.... So that, in a sense perhaps 
the fact that we could find out that they plagiarised the report and 
consequently that the case for 'more war' unravelled before our eyes in 
the spectacle. This makes the plagiarism  in my opinion more important 
than the completely irrelevant fact or non-fact that the neo-fascist 
state has weapons-of-mass-destruction.

Given that the neo-liberal/globalisation politics and ideology is 
plainly in complete ideological meltdown the return to neo-colonial 
activity seems understandable - in other words perhaps our assumption 
that it is about 'oil' and 'SUVs' (ugly cars) is to misunderstand what 
is happening in the socio-economic realm.

Thoughts and critique anyone ?

It is curious that they continue to mis-understand the current release 
of the spectacle... quite endearing really...(snigger)


Eric wrote:

>I found out this story wasn't completely censored in the US media, but
>it has been reported.  I also agree with you that plagiarism is not the
>central issue. Some of this information dates from the early nineties,
>as you say, and it shows a shocking lack of real intelligence and
>laziness. It appears that not only is there no smoking gun, this
>pathetic result is the best that all the king's horses and all the
>king's men could come up with.
>As I mentioned before, the aluminum rods had been completely discredited
>and the CIA had disavowed any links between Hussein and the Al Quaida.
>None of this stopped Bush from rambling on about these things as the
>chief reasons to go to war in his state of the union.  
>We are now preparing to go to war over a thin tissue of fabrications and
>the horrible thing is that we can see through these lies and this whole
>campaign of misinformation, but we can not seem to prevent this war from
>happening. The veil is lifted for an instant as we peer into the abyss.
>Why has democracy become such a synonym of manipulation? It is simply
>another lesson in the excesses of institutionalized power.


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