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Subject: RE: terms
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 21:15:10 -0600

Don wrote:

While this last point may be true, it is also true, at least 
to Fredric Jameson, that to be socialist means to favor 
economic concerns over political ones.  Maybe the words 
social and economic are more synonymous in some philosophies 
than in others.  


Let me give you the full quote to put this in better perspective. It was
spoken by Frei Betto at the Porto Alegre Conference.  He said: "The
answer lies in socialism, not the socialism of the Berlin wall, but
socialism in the sense of putting everything social over everything

Now, obviously in today's world, the economy dictates what is.  Marxians
just as Jameson are right to favor such concerns because this is where
the power lies.  The point, however, is to create a society where
economics, the iron law of necessity, no longer dictates what is to be.

As Harry Cleaver, Antonio Negri and other autonomists have argued, Das
Capital is not a book of economics.  Rather it is a political book.   



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