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Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 14:18:18 -0500
Subject: Re: fear 

Hugh writes: 

>> Things might begin to change if any of our political 
figures  begins to
>envision the future.  The problem is, we have no  collective 
vision that is
>not tainted by fear.
>**Greed conquers fear.  Witness murders, theft, coporate 
>corruption of  watchdog accountants, the SEC,  Wall Street 
brockerage firms,
>WorldCom, Enron etc., etc.

Do you agree, Hugh, that greed is the result of fear?  To be 
content, after all, preumes that one has and is everything 
one needs.  Greedy people are insecure and so, afraid.  

At present, I think that the leaders of US foreign policy are 
not only more insecure than perhaps anyone else in that 
position, ever, they also seem, from my perspective, to 
believe that only by insuring that others are increasingly 
insecure, will they begin to feel what they recognize as 

I've a hunch that the last time they felt that secure was 
during the height of the cold war.  Yet this form of 
security, one that seems to require an undeniable enemy, puts 
any real, progressive vision in the position of a kind of 
differend, wouldn't you say?  

Don Socha 


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