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Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 19:51:46 -0500
Subject: Re: war fears

Steve writes:  

>Rousseau's version of tolerence may be relevant here - for 
he suggested 
>that the State set itself up as the guardian of freedom of 
>that it punish those opposed to it and that the only 
>concerns those who are intolerant. ".... There can exist 
religions which 
>attack the foundations of society, and it is necessary to 
begin by 
>exterminating these religions in order to assure the peace 
of the 
>state..." Those doctrines which teach hatred of humans and 
>deserve to be hated.

Perhaps I'm expressing an intolerance for rock-solid 
teleologies.  Form should be always new and considered at 
best merely a temporary subjugation of the imagination to the 
discipline that the world deserves.  But as you say, who's 
going to enforce that?  I suppose it wouldn't have to be 
enforced if the rewards of living this way were more 
extrinsic.  Imagine the relief if Dick Cheney just took a 
deep breath now and then and let it out a little slower than 
usual.  I really think he's looking to play alpha male to the 
world... destroy it all except for one or two safe-havens for 
political supermen like himself, then repopulate.  Hey, it's 
the call of the wild! 



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