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Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 19:22:13 +0000
Subject: Re: war fears


Hummmm  personally I would (perhaps) apply the lessons learnt from early 
readings of Anti-Oedipus back in the late 70s. Politicians and other 
people like Cheney, Blair, Powell, Straw and Bush are best understood as 
paranoid psychotics - the will to power, understood in its most vulgar 
and most debased and sick form runs through their everyday existences, 
it explains the obvious willingness to debase themselves before those 
more powerful than they are themselves.. Obviously the alpha-male aspect 
simply fails to work unless you are prepared to de-gender the reference 
to the 'male' to allow entrance for the psychotic females of the species...

As for Cheney as an individual surely political emasculation is what is 
required ?

[I am not accusing you of deliberate sexism but the alpha-male reference 
is precisely that...unconscious perhaps?]

[What is that terrible womans name in the US executive called ?]


Don Socha wrote:

>Perhaps I'm expressing an intolerance for rock-solid 
>teleologies.  Form should be always new and considered at 
>best merely a temporary subjugation of the imagination to the 
>discipline that the world deserves.  But as you say, who's 
>going to enforce that?  I suppose it wouldn't have to be 
>enforced if the rewards of living this way were more 
>extrinsic.  Imagine the relief if Dick Cheney just took a 
>deep breath now and then and let it out a little slower than 
>usual.  I really think he's looking to play alpha male to the 
>world... destroy it all except for one or two safe-havens for 
>political supermen like himself, then repopulate.  Hey, it's 
>the call of the wild! 


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