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Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 23:15:21 +1000

Lois wrote:
> Hugh, I followed your link and came to the site in which
> Tony Blair defends his aliiance with the US.
> On that site Blair says:
> "Anti-war demonstrators should remember the hundreds of
> thousands of people whose deaths the Iraqi leader was
> responsible for, Mr Blair said. "
> "Hundreds of thousands?"  Anyone know of a site that gives
> numbers?  The numbers I have heard, at least that I recall,
> are much less.

Could easily be more than a hundred thousand.  An Iranian minister in a TV
interview a couple of nights ago said Saddam's weapons of mass destruction
killed 70,000 Iranans.
in that war.

As I remember, tens of thousands of Kurds were killed during or immediately
after the end of the Gulf War.  Don't know how many Kuwaitis or Americans.

But if he only killed a few thousand of other Iraquis each year with guns
and torture, it must be a very large number after his decades in power.

As to the demonstrations,  Le Journal, French news on TV, gave substantial
coverage of  the crowds in Rome, (est.3 million) Brussels, Berlin, Paris,
London, Moscow, London, Melbourne, less coverage to about 15 or 20 other
cities around the world.

CNN reported huge crowds in Sydney, where it was 2:00 pm Sunday.

best regards,


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