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Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 03:16:56 +1000

I thought this message was sent, but am not sure.

> Lois wrote:
> > Hugh, I followed your link and came to the site in which
> > Tony Blair defends his aliiance with the US.
> >
> >
> > On that site Blair says:
> > "Anti-war demonstrators should remember the hundreds of
> > thousands of people whose deaths the Iraqi leader was
> > responsible for, Mr Blair said. "
> >
> > "Hundreds of thousands?"  Anyone know of a site that gives
> > numbers?  The numbers I have heard, at least that I recall,
> > are much less.
> Could easily be more than a hundred thousand.  An Iranian minister in a TV
> interview a couple of nights ago said Saddam's weapons of mass destruction
> killed 70,000 Iranans.
> in that war.
> As I remember, tens of thousands of Kurds were killed during or
> after the end of the Gulf War.  Don't know how many Kuwaitis or Americans.
> But if he only killed a few thousand of other Iraquis each year with guns
> and torture, it must be a very large number after his decades in power.
> As to the demonstrations,  Le Journal, French news on TV, gave substantial
> coverage of  the crowds in Rome, (est.3 million) Brussels, Berlin, Paris,
> London, Moscow, London, Melbourne, less coverage to about 15 or 20 other
> cities around the world.
> CNN reported huge crowds in Sydney, where it was 2:00 pm Sunday.
> best regards,
> Hugh


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