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Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 10:47:24 -0800

>The actual context of Blair's statement is that he is now being 
>progressively isolated within his own government, let alone party or 
>country.  The 2M people on the streets of London were predominantly 
>from what should be his natural supporters. ....

steve, and anyone, what's your sense of who the political 
beneficiaries of this will be?  any idea who the likely challengers 
of Blair will be, and who may replace him?

>He simply got  the political drift wrong. I'd estimate summer or 
>autumn at the latest- at which point Blair will be political history

I wonder if there will be similar consequences eventually for the 
leaders of other countries who are going along with the US agenda 
despite overwhelming popular objection.  The dependence of Turkey on 
IMF loans has been reported as the factor which explains their 
leaders' reluctant acceptance of US demands.  Pakistan's situation is 
similar.  Is Blair also being bought off/blackmailed I wonder?



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