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Subject: CFP: Gender After Lyotard
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 17:09:44 -0600

Gender After Lyotard
Postmodernism, Philosophy, and Feminist Theory 

edited by Margret Grebowicz

	Papers are sought which critically address the philosophy of
Jean-François Lyotard from feminist perspectives.  Broadly conceived, the
collection will address two issues: the possible uses of Lyotard's
epistemology for feminist thought and the importance of Lyotard's own work
on gender for contemporary feminist theory.  Specific issues to consider
include the following: 
--what can feminists learn from the analyses of difference, and of the
relationship between difference and justice, developed in Lyotard's oeuvre?
--Lyotard's engagement of psychoanalysis as read by feminist psychoanalysis
--Lyotard's political writings read from the perspectives of feminist and
postcolonial theories
--his analyses of the relationship between aesthetics and ethics read by
feminists aesthetics/art
--his work on pedagogy read from perspectives of gender
--comparative analyses of Lyotard and other French postmodern thinkers (for
example, Deleuze and Foucault) as useful for feminist philosophy
--why does Lyotard address gender in the first place? what role does gender
play in his epistemology, ethics, politics?
--the possibilities for men's feminist subjectivities from the vantage point
of Lyotard's essays on gender ("Interesting", "Return Upon the Return",
"Marie Goes to Japan", "Can thought go on without a Body?", and others)
--the role of gender in his analyses of global capitalism, migration, and

Due date for abstracts (700-1,000 words):  June 1, 2003.

Please send or e-mail abstracts to: 

Dr. Margret Grebowicz 
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Department of Social Sciences
University of Houston-Downtown 
Houston, TX 77002
USA <>


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