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Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 08:29:45 +0100 (MET)
Subject: M-G: Re: NEW VOICE?

>From: neil <74742.1651-AT-CompuServe.COM>
>dear friends,
>Bob Malecki (BM) is clearly being politically dishonest
>in his example defending the Polish trade union
>Solidarnosc on  11/28.
>As is well known on these lists BM is a conduit
>for the views  trotskyist  ' Spartacist"  tendency.
>These are forces that hailed the old Polish state
>capitalist regime as a "workers state' for decades.
>Further when the russian Brezhnev state caps and the 
>Polish Gen. Jeruzelski's regime clamped down
>bloody martial law with army bayonets against the
>workers in 1981, BMs trend the "spartacists" hailed the
>state caps reresssion and  today still bragg about being
>"unique on the left" for this crime. 
>BM will resort to any unprincipled maneuver to cover
>up his apologetics for the concessions contracts
>and business union peddling of the commodity  labor power.
>BM only wishes his "spart" tendency can get into higher
>union bureaucratic  positions so they can be a bigger
> part of the action.
>BM is in a frenzy now and can only whine, shake his
>trotsky rattle and call names instead of doing any serious
>critique of the degeneration of the unions
>in the present epoch and what rank and file workers
>can do to better arm  themselves politically and 
>industrially to turn the tide against the bosses/state

Dear List,

You should read the above from Neil very closely! Notice that Neil utterly 
defeated on his petty bougeois ultra-left conception on the trade unions now 
turns to anti-communist lies and slander to cover his tracks. Futhermore he 
puts me in the Spartacist boat. However, I am not a member of the 
Spartacists, however I do have sympathies with their politics. And in fact 
Solidarnosc' represented not only a trade union, but the chatolic church and 
a program of counter-revolution and capitalist restoration and not workers 
power or a political revolution to oust the Polish Stalinists. But if you 
want to debate the Spartacist position on Poland and Solidarnosc' then you 
should write them a letter and debate them about it. Not accuse me of being 
a Spartacist (which I am not) in order to avoid the discussion on your 
position on the trade unions right now today! 

This is and act of a political coward! But also and admission that you can 
not defend your line but turn to slander and lies instead.

He is running away now, just like his politics on the trade unions where he 
wants to run into the wilderness and desert the working class and its mass 

The fact that he uses the above kind of arguements to RETREAT on the 
question only shows the *real* moral character of our ultra-left petty 
bougeois sectarian.

On the trade union question he has the same line as the ruling class in 
practice "Smash the Unions" and with people who oppose him on principle he 
joins the McCarthite witchhunters!

Thus proving his complete political bankruptcy.

Long live the trade unions!

The class organistations of the working class.

Despite the present leadership.

Against petty-bougeois ultra-leftists tendency like Neil's who only parrots 
the politics of german KPD and its ultra left period of "Social Democracy is 
Social fascism" and "red" trade unions political line pasted on to the 
situation today.

Ultimately Neil you have been foaming at the mouth for days on the trade 
unions and now you have gone over to puking anti-Communist philth in a 
desperate attempt to shore up the leaking ship.

I hope that others don't go down with Neil's boat.

Warm Regards
Bob Malecki


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