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Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 00:00:32 +0100 (MET)
Subject: M-G: Discussing the discussions on the discussions 

Discussing the discussions on the discussions [Posted: 13.12.96]

Recently, some people writing to this list have spoken out
against certain discussions and conflicts. "Shouldn't all those
calling themselves Marxists be friends and not fight another?",
they've said approximately. =C2ngelo Novo wrote (approximately)
that we Mao Zedong adherents and critics of revisionists were
"morons" tho whom the workers and young people should not
listen (he's been reading Doug Leftie Biz' writings perhaps).
Zeynep wrote that the character of the Soviet Union was "not"
a dividing line any more.

These are all typically revisionist ideas. And it's so boring
reading them. These are discussions about the discussions,
a typically revisionist phenomenon too.

It's much better with discussions about facts, about questions
of history and, above all, about current events. I had a discussion
with Ang, for instance, about Rwanda/Zaire recently which I
think  was quite fruitful. I'm not certain I was right on all points.
But the debate has made me see things a little more clearly,
I think, and hopefully I and others are in a somewhat better
position as to our possibilities of supporting the struggles of
the peoples because of it.

Also, the Detcom recently brought an article in translation from
El Diario Internacional No. 37, about some other recent events.
This too in my opinion is much more valuable stuff than those
discussions about the discussions, which I on my part don't
intend to participate in all that much in the future.

Rolf M.

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