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Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 10:01:43 +0100 (MET)
Subject: M-G: Reply to a Russian Communist!

>Robert Malecki wrote:
>> The former Soviet Union was not just crimes of horror but a line of peaceful
>> co-existence and counter-revolutionary to the core. It has been expressed in
>> the number of defeats that have taken place around the world. 

Vladimir replies;
>If the Soviet Union was indeed "counter-revolutionary to the core" than 
what was
>the Nazi Germany, Eltsyn's Russia, or the US?  The point is not the theoretical
>ignorance of this definition but its profanation of language. We need to be 
>of this lest we run out of words and make rational discourse impossible.

If you mean the "counter-revolutionary" it is hardly profane but a fact! 
Trotsky used those words after the historical defeat in Germany and called 
for the building of the Fourth International!
>If the legacy of the Soviet Union was but a "number of defeats," we have to 
>include in them the "defeats" like the victories of Vietnamese and Cuban 
>and perhaps, the survival of the Chinese revolution,
>the containment of the US imperialism for almost half a century, the defeat
>of Fascism, the peaceful existence of a few generations of Soviet people (a 
>of humanity numbering from 150 to 300 million people at a time) who have 
been able
>to enjoy freedom from elemental want, daily anxiety, and Darwinian 
competition that
>remain the lot of billions. Well, if all this is called defeat, I am a 
>and I think a large part of those billions are too.

Yes! We certainly do have to count the defeats! The victory of the 
Vietnamese Revolution was a military victory and a great feat carried out by 
the Vietnamese people. But it was a political defeat for the Vietnamese 
people and especially the working class. In fact a *real* Communist 
leadership would have tried to extend the revolution thoughout South East 
Asia. And the great military victory and gains made are in deadly danger 
because of the Stalinist leadership in Vietnam. That is why Trotskyist call 
for a political revolution to oust the Stalinists!

The Cuban Revolution was also a great military victory and a deformed 
workers state was created! But this revolution is also in danger because of 
the Cuban leadership. And for the same reasons that we call for a political 
revolution in Vietnam we also do in Cuba. Because these revolutions are 
endangered because of the leadership. Futhermore neither of these 
revolutions nor the Chinese revolution gave the working class political 
power but were deformed from their very inception.

The Chinese revolution took place despite the Stalinists and in the face of 
the relative weakness of the imperialists after the second world war. In 
fact if Vlad reads a little history on the Chinese revolution and Trotsky 
>from as early as 1924-25 he would see what this "victory" has cost the 
Chinese Proletariat. Naturally the question comes to mind and I pose it 
directly. Have their been victorious Proletarian revolutions in these 
countries? My answer is NO. No, because of the politics of the 
counter-revolutionary Stalinists!

The containment of American Imperialism! Ha, What a joke! That so called 
containment meant selling out *real* revolutions! Vietnam being a great 
example of the Stalinist policy. And your "detante" has got you into the 
situation that the former Soviet Union and for example the Russian Coal 
Miners find themselves today! In fact this period gave Imperialism the 
chance to survive, grow and smash the degenerated workers state in the 
former Soviet Union. Is this the stage theory going backwards Vlad?

And to say that the Stalinists defeated the Nazi's is a skandal! The 
Stalinists put the Nazi.s in power! Destroyed the German Proletariat and are 
responsible for the Nazi's occupying nearly half of the former Soviet Union! 
It was the Red Army and the millions upon millions of workers who in the 
Soviet Union  defeated the Nazi's! Hats off to the Red Army! The Stalinists 
are counter-revolutionary traitors. There policies in Germany put one of the 
biggest Communist Parties in the world outside of the Soviet Union into the 
concentration camps and you are sayin that they defeated the Nazis! Bullshit...

And the last about living in peace. Really! Who's blood was it that gave the 
Russians this so called peace! The millions upon millions of people 
Internationally who found themselves under the yoke of Imperialism or the 
Stalinists who supported just about any kind of Bougeois Nationalist regime 
in the world against the poor and working class. That was the real bottom 
line of your peace. The Russian Stalinists have the blood of millions on 
their hands. The suffering and starving was a direct product of political 
support to the stage theory of revolution in the third world. Linked to the 
line of "Socialism in one country..."

And what has that fake peace done! It has put the proletariat in the former 
Soviet Union under the yoke of the capitalists again! In fact your peace was 
a direct betrayal and has made the situation ten times as worse for the 
present proletariat living in the former Soviet Union and for the millions 
upon millions who live in other parts of the world. Instead of a bulwark for 
the International proletariat in the former Soviet Union we have a 
capitalist counter revolution. I hope you choke on your coffee and your 
illusions of peace!

Bob M. wrote;
>> However I do agree with you in one sense. The word now! In another letter on
>> the subject you say that people don,t give a shit about the former Soviet
>> Union. OK I can understand that. 

Vlad replies;
>I wonder, who are those people? Do they include Indian peasants or Brazilian
>workers? Is there any meaningful difference between what the Soviet Union meant
>and still means for them and, say, the public that fills up international
>conferences of the Left?  The other day I talked to a black postal worker who
>has been interested in all things Soviet almost from his childhood.  From time
>to time I meet common people like him: a former Navy sailor, a taxi driver, a 
>lawer. They do not know anything about the Left, its conferences and 
>"regroupments." They would not understand a word from this message by 
>Robert Malecki. But every time I listen to them I realize that if there 
>something in their imagination that goes beyond the seemingly everlasting
>present of the capitalist order, a flick of hope, if you want, that an 
>entirely different and better world is possible - it is the material 
>historical existence of the SU and their memory of it. And if they often
>dismiss the no less real, tragic aspects of this history as merely bourgeois
>propaganda, they are more sensible, more intuitively right in their very
>"blindness" than the most theoretically impeccable and sterile products
>of its left critique.  True, they idealize the Soviet experience, but unlike
>the ideal constructs of the Left, theirs rests on the indisputable 
>reality that has positive existential value for them. They know that
>common people like themselves were protected from unemployment, humiliating
>poverty and inequality, universal prostitution and the daily degradation of
>their humanity. For them then the SU stood as a symbol of their hope without
>which the masses cannot have the will to struggle or even morally survive.
>Unlike the Left, the masses know this and that's why they will continue
>to silently defend themselves against the nihilistic effects of its 

Incredible! Why don't you tell that to the Russian Coal miners! Or why not 
the Cuban workers or the Africans! I doubt that they would understand your 
arguement. And their is a big difference about patiently explaining to 
people that might idealize this kind of stuff and what the concrete 
political reallty of the disintegration of the former Soviet Union means 
because of the rotten Stalinist politics. The Trotskyists have for decades 
warned for what the Stalinist leadership meant for the Russian and world 
proletariat! And your ideals will not help one of these people who you feel 
sympathy with! Because in the final analisis it is either the dictatorship 
of the bougeoisie or the dictatorship of the Proletariat which is the 
central question. In fact what you are doing here Vlad is sinking to the 
lowest common denominator of "idealism" instead of confrontating the 
political situation that the Stalinists and reformists have put poor and 
working class people into. Today the poor and working class are in reality 
not being nostagic nor "idealist". In fact they are confused and enraged 
while being beheaded of a political leadership where the capitalist and 
imperialist are going to attack all across the board to take back all of the 
gains since the great October Revolution! It was the October Revolution 
which was the basis for where the world poor and working class finds itself. 
And the present situation which is horrible is because of the 
counter-revolutionary Stalinists that have betrayed the poor and working 
class of the world and with their politics have handed the gains of the 
great October Revolution into the hands of the capitalists and Imperialists!

>I know only of one German "revolution" in 1940, that of the Nazis.

In Germany it was a "revolution" that was going on. And it was the 
counter-revolutionary politics of the Stalinists that garanteed the victory 
of the Nazis. For the line of "Socialism in one Country" the Stalinists have 
the blood that was shed by the entire German Proletariat!

And finally and most important of all Vlad! Communists and in this case the 
authodox Trotskyists are the memory bank and the historical revolutionary 
leadership of the world Proletariat. Our fight is the historical struggles 
and documents of the Bolshevik Party under the leadership of Lenin and 
Trotsky, The first Four Congresses of the Third International, The Left 
Opposition and the creation of the Fourth International! This is our history 
and our struggle in the *real* interests of the Proletariat against the 
reformists and Stalinists traitors who with their politics are responsible 
for where the Proletariat finds itself today. It is our duty to continue 
this great historical struggle and our cry to the world Proletariat is 
"Never Again" the politics of these traitors who arecovered with the blood 
of all of the historical defeats imposed on the working class because of 
their rotten politics. Only in forging a revolutionary International which 
openly and honestly tells the historical truth to the International 
Proletariat and with a *real* political program recruits the most advanced 
elements of the Proletarian vanguard to this reforged revolutionary 
International and fughting for the Dictatorship of the Proletariat 
everywhere can garantee that these traitors never again get the reins of 
leadership in their hands!

Put the reformists and Stalinist traitors on the garbage heap of history!

Forward To a Revolutionary Trotskyist-Communist International!

Bob Malecki

PS; Don,t take the comments from our neo-Stalinist on M-I to seriously Vlad. 
I mean he is calling for "Yankee Doodle" patriotic garbage to mobilze the 
American Left!


Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,
Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my Crystalball!

COCKROACH, a zine for poor and workingclass people


Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,
Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my Crystalball!

COCKROACH, a zine for poor and workingclass people

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