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Date: 15 May 97 02:23:34 EDT
Subject: M-G: Foundations of Leninism: national question

Matt D has kindly helped me out with the full text of the 
chapter in Foundations of Leninism on the National Question.
Rather than retyping it all myself, I am forwarding his text,
with permission. If anyone wishes to forward it on further, it would be 
courteous to check with Matt. 

The purpose of posting it here on m-general was in my mind to 
take advantage of the fact that it could be subject to 
criticism from all comers, including for example a trenchant 
critic like Vladimir, or Hugh. What I am trying to achieve is
to check out what the perception was of the Leninist ("Stalinist")
orthodoxy on the National Question.

Timing is not ideal. I am just about to go on leave for 2-3 weeks 
(so it seems Rolf and I will just have to bear the separation!)
and the archive functions are not working again yet. However I am hoping 
that Matt or someone else will discuss whether it can be attached soon
in the archives somewhere in marxism-space perhaps linked to m-international
where there is a continuing cyberthread running on the national 

Text follows in 3 installments, as ordinary text files.

Dear comrades, friends and enemies. I look forward to seeing you tear 
this text apart in the next 24 hours!


Chris Burford


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