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Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 00:43:58 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: Re: M-G: "Discussion" with/on Chris-B: More later

Zeynep wrote:

>Rolf, I had read your 5 part posting on Chris B before. I've been reading
>his posts for the past year as well. Your evidence is NOT evidence. You have
>gotten the idea in your head for some reason other than evidence. You are
>free to your opinion but why don't you stop drowning everybody else and this
>forum with it. Drop it and perhaps people will have some real discussions in

In fact, Zeynep, I've noted your great dislike for such discussions
before. Doug has it too. Not that I think that any of you actually
are colleagues of Chris-B:s, but it does very clearly show how
warmly both your hearts beat for that class of yours of which
he is a professional servant: the rotten good-for-nothing bourgeoisie.

And: Just for now, I shall not do any more "delugeing" on this
subject. That's not because you Zeynep or your snotty coppper tells 
me to, but simply because I've got other things to do at the moment
which I think are more fruitful.

Rolf M.

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