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Subject: M-G: Ola Eriksson & Ola Echea - eech! (4)

Ola Eriksson & Ola Echea - eech! (4)
[Posted: 12.07.97]

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In his latest posting (on 12.07, subject: "Re: M-G: Klaus Sen-
der's answer to Sabina Astete") the phony "PCP ambassador" Ola-
echea reveals himself, if possible, even more than before. He
shows precisely what *he* on his part means by "communism", in
the first place:

An *autocratic* system, ruled by a group of "chosen" people,
whose rule in no way may be questioned!!

An *even worse* kind of dictatorship of the bourgeoisie than
that which exists in the USA or in Sweden or Germany, for in-
stance, where there at least (still) are *some* democratic
rights for the workers and for people in general.

Is Olaechea's line also that of the party he claims to be a kind
of "ambassador" for, the PCP in Peru? Most definitely not. Ola
Echea is *part of the imperialist encirclement-and-suppression
forces against the PCP*. He tries to misuse that party's just
people's war for his own reactionary purposes.

Olaechea wants a *fascist* dictatorship of the bourgeoisie,
precisely like the one that existed in the Soviet Union from
the 1960:s on and which was so sharply and so correctly repudia-
ted by Mao Zedong.


That of course is also why, despite the fact that Olaechea tries
to fool people into believing that he's a "Mao Zedong adherent",
in the last weeks so very revealingly has joined forces with the
single "tool" he's been able to find here in Sweden *against me*,
the actual Mao Zedong adherent, nammely the ridiculous extreme
propagandist of (former) Soviet social-imperialism, R--k-Ola
Eriksson, Luel=E5.

(On this, see for instance my posting on 01.07, "Titbits from
SiberiaSwamp (1): Olaechea's comrade in Sweden". It contains a
sample of Ola Eriksson's writings, railings against my line, to
be precise, which I promise will give all readers a good laugh.)

Why, then, does Olaechea so bitterly hate, in particular, me?
I'll get back to that question later.


Here follows a very revealing quotation from his latest posting
- after only just, first, an explanation concerning its context.

The context of this posting is the following: Dr Sendepause, the
formerly very important Marxist and leader of that once so ex-
cellent party in Germany the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT) (the NE), has
recently, though not actually a genuine Marxist any more, writ-
ten an obviously (I think I can tell, despite my lack of know-
ledge on this subject itself) quite good criticism of Mari=E1tegui,
the founder of the PCP in Peru.

Why is this criticism valuable today, then? Because it shows up
some roots of the rather serious weaknesses in the ideology of
the PCP in Peru led by comrade Gonzalo, weaknesses which not
least have made it possible for the US imperialists to fool the
PCP into signing their phony"Marxist" reactionary "RIM Declara-
tion", with which they rather successfully have combated the
international Marxist-Leninist movement for more than a decade

On the today really most important point in this context today,
Olaechea and Dr Sendepause *are in agreement*: Neither of them
wants to criticize and expose that nasty anti-Mao Zedong "Decla-
ration". That means, that both of them are *bowing their heads*
"in respect" to the most important reactionary force in the
world today, US imperialism.

*I*'ve been exposing the reactionary character of that document,
and have also in other respects - for confirmation of this,
please check out my postings, since late 1995 - really represen-
ted the line of Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong. Old Pausey does not
represent that line any more; his line since the late 80s in
reality has been a bourgeois one - despite the considerable
knowledge on many important matters that he still has.

We - Olaechea, old Pausey and I - just now, thus, are engaging
in a *triangular-type* of struggle, each combating both of the

Now Dr Sendepause recently made a quite good reply to one other
person who questioned the correctness of his criticism of Mari-
=E1tegui, namely, Sabina Astete. I reproduced it in full in the
last part of my posting (3) in this series.


And here we have Olaechea's *very* revealing reply to that
posting again (the quote I promised you, several lines ago):

"Klasber" (old Pausey) writes, replying to Sabina A.:

"It was only by political and administrative necessities in
order to strengthen central control in the vast empire, the Inca
government was caused to organize  this communist order, spread 
in their whole territory since a long time, in a certain form."
(p.132 "Revolution und peruanische Wirklichkeit", published by
Eleonore von Oertzen.)"

"It is very clear, Mariategui called the Incan state an early
communist order on a higher level, an autocratic reign and
communism at the same time. And all I read was a very positive
description of this early society."

On this, Olaechea comments:

"And I do too, and fully agree with him, Mr. Sender!" [!!]

And he continues:

"For me, it is now more clear that these are the facts of this

Maiategui was a great Marxist Leninist and Klaus Sender is
certainly not! Is that so surprising? Not really."

In reality, Klaus Sender - not so long ago - *was* a quite
important Marxist-Leninist, in fact the most important of all
(that I know of at least) after Mao Zedong's death, and develo-
ped a number of things that are of great importance even today.

Olaechea in his posting massively engages in trying to negate
this - pretending he knows something about the matter, which he
does *not* - and really racks his brain about how "best" to in-
sult that former Marxist, because he's helping reveal the back-
ground of his, Olaechea's, reactionary line. Below, I shall
quote only very few of his many insults, as parts of the text.

What's the meaning of Olaechea's reply above?


Olaechea *openly says* that such a thing *can* exist!!

That in fact obviously is what he *wants to achieve* too!!

And GUESS WHO would be among the "AUTOCRATS" ruling that system!! =09

Would I be totally wrong in presuming that this group, interna-
tionally, would include Ola Eriksson, Sweden, and Ola Echea,
UK?? What do you say, folks?

Only, these silly bastards are dreaming, of course.



In his rather long reply to old Pausey - too long for me to
quote more from than just the very juiciest parts - there's one
more *very* revealing "argument" by Olaechea.

He actually tries to compare the Inca oppressor system in Peru
to - the post office system(s) run by the present (bourgeois)
states! He says that "the same" principles were/are behind
both of them!

"Why", he argues, "both of them were/are highly centralized",
so "what's the difference"? This "great Leninist" tries
to enlist Lenin among his *autocracy propagandist* friends in
the following manner:


'However, what Mariategui was saying is in no way different
in spirit to what Lenin said regarding the Post Office


"A witty German Social-Democrat of the seventies of the last
century called the POSTAL SERVICE an example of the socialist
economic system.  This is VERY TRUE. At present the postal
service is organised on the lines of STATE-CAPITALIST
MONOPOLY. Imperialism is TRANSFORMING all trusts into
organisations OF A SIMILAR TYPE, in which, standing over the
"common" people, who are overworked and starved, one has the
same BOURGEOIS BUREACRACY.  But the mechanism of social
management is here already to hand." (- V. I. Lenin, The
State and Revolution, Selected Works, Moscow Progress
Publishers, page 297).  


'Obviously then - besides the fact that it is very true that
German social-democrats of the XIX century were at least
not as block-headed as the "super-marxist doctrinaires" of
our days - it is evident that Lenin, unlike Santa Klaus,
understood well that it is possible to make an abstraction
of the economic mechanism [!! - my addition - RM] of a
society as such.' 

It goes without saying that IN MODERN SOCIETY, SCIENTIFIC
SOCIALISM - i.e. the communism of the dictatorship of the
proletariat (which is the last class in history and
which DID NOT EXIST in Incan times) is INCONCIEVABLE

(So far Olaechea)

Yes, yes, Ola Echea, we all know that one - you people
of the Chrushchev and Brezhnev type trying to pass off your
actual or only hoped-for *fascist* dictatorship as a
"dictatorship of the proletariat".

The really interesting thing here is that the autocratic
Inca rule, which was a *dictatorship* of a feudal, also
slave-owning class, by Olaechea is being put on a par with
the *purely administrative* postal system!

It's true - the present postal system here in Sweden, for
instance, is pretty bad already and is deteriorating too.

But so far, the postmen at least have *not* been given
policemen's authority. You don't have to fear being woken
up at 3 o'clock in the morning *by some "postmen"* and
taken away to a concentration camp, such as you would no
doubt be risking, if people like Ola Eriksson and Ola
Echea would somehow be given state power.

It's true, as I've recently read in "solidaire", the organ
of the (rather doubtful) party in Belgium led by my name-
sake Ludo Martens, the PTB, that the government there has
proposed that the postmen in Belgium should be given some
"snooping and snicthcing" duties too, against which they
rightly most strongly protest. But the Post Office's
actually being the *instrument that execises the dictator-
ship of the bourgeoisie*, this I've never heard about from
any country.

The Inca tribe's dictatorship, their oppressive rule, says
Olaechea, "was nothing but" an "economic mechanism"!! (See
the quote above.)

In the (fantasy) state of Ola Eriksson, Ola Echea etc,
people in general would be treated, handled by these
"postmasters", as *letters or packages*.


I have to tell you about just one more funny and revealing
thing in Olaechea's reply to Dr Sendepause.

He probably by then had read my pointing out what quite
considerable achievements the earlier, genuinely Marxist-
Leninst party the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT) in Germany had
actually been the origin of - something which he had no
knowledge of before and, clearly, absolutely doesn't want
to hear a word about today either.

Towards the very end of his reply, Olaechea writes:

'We all know that Mariategui created a great Communist
Party, a party led by Chairman Gonzalo, Mariategui's
disciple. A party capable of generating political power
for the proletariat and the people and lighting up the way
forward for the revolutionary people all over the world.

The fruit of this tree is very good indeed.  The "taste of
this pear" is more than good.

On the other hand, we know already that Klaus Sender gave
the world a Rolf Martens........and, not wanting to be
overharsh on him, we may also ask in good faith to give
him a chance to illustrate us on the rest of his mighty
revolutionary achievements .....what else?'

So you see, Dr Sendepause's teaching me some Marxism. when
he was still Klaus Sender, *that* according to Ola Echea
was a pretty serious crime. (Thanks for the compliment!)

As far as the first part of that quote is concerned, it's
quite true that Mari=E1tegui *did* create a relatively quite
good communist party. The people's war in Peru which it
has led, under very difficult circumstances, for 17 years
now, is proof of this.

*But* there is *one* thing in what Olaechea says here
that's *absolutely not* true, and which constitutes one
of the most important focal points in the present three-
cornered struggle too, perhaps *the* most important focal
point: His saying that

the PCP is "lighting up the way forward for the revolu-
tionary people all over the world".

That, unfortunately, precisely is NOT the case!

That's what I've been trying to tell Oaechea about, for a
year or so, when I still thought, or hoped, that it would
be possible to reason with him!

The PCP, actually, has been *fooled* - I repeat it for
*the fifty-eleventh time* now, as the saying goes here in
Sweden - by the US imperialists into *endorsing the reac-
tionary, anti-Mao "RIM Declaration"*, which *is stabbing
the international proletariat in the back* since 13 years
back now, and today in more that 20 languages.

This *I* - and so far only I - have been criticizing, a
criticism that I of course have tried to convey to the
comrades responsible in Peru too, so that they can correct
their serious error.

But Olaechea, that purported "PCP ambassador", *doesn't
want* the PCP to correct this error. He wants it to *be
continued for ever*, just as Avakian, "Quispe" and the
other swindlers of the same type do too.

That's why he has that particular *hate* against me.

Even if he rails against Dr Sendepause, calling him "Santa
KLaus", "burger" etc, Olaechea doesn't think that old
Pausey (whom I since a long time back have known by the
first part of his pseudonym, "KLaus") is quite as bad as I.
Old Pausey at least is *not* engaging in exposing the reac-
tionary nature of the "RIM Declaration".


Olachea is sceptical about old Pausey, thinking that he and
his small party in Germany might want to "replace" *his*,
Olaechea's "Inca tribe" as (the idiotically but actually
hoped-for) "world leadership", that of the Ola Eriksson -
Ola Echea (etc) revisionist "tribe", a "leadership" which
Olaechea hopes to obtain by proclaiming comrade Gonzalo as
"world Inca cult figure" (poor comrade Gonzalo, he certainly
would not have wanted that!) and portraying that "cult
figure", of course, as one "completely without faults".

Olaechea shows his "thinking" on that point by writing,
earlier in his reply, that he suspects Dr Sendepause of
"aiming to...counterpose his figure[!] against that of
[Mari=E1tegui's] successor and continuator, Chairman Gonzalo."

Among Marxist-Leninists (actual ones) in different coun-
tries, there of course should be a reciprocal exchange of
ideas, and, whenever necassary, a (constructive) criticism
of each other too. Though the claim by Klaus today actual-
ly to be a Marxist is not justified, as I've already writ-
ten, at least his criticism of Mari=E1tegui is essentially
correct and should be taken by the *actual* representatives
and supporters of the PCP as a certain *help* for them from
abroad (one which they *never* got from the NE in the entire
period of 1987-96.)

But Olaechea does *not* reason in this way - of course. For
him, there is no such thing as a *constructive* criticism by
some people in one country of some others in another. *He*
sees *all* criticism of that person whom he (most certainly
without that person's consent) wants to build up as a "cult
figure", a "protective God", for the *rule* of his, Ola-
echea's revisionist/Inca "tribe", as an *act of competition*
by another "tribe" - in this case the Klasberries (ex-NE).

And it *may* be, in the case of Dr Sendepause & the Klas-
beries, that he's *not completely* wrong either. But what-
ever their motives, in their debate with Ola Echea, the
Klasberries *are* in the right.

I on my part at least am trying - and please check this
claim out for yourselves, readers, to see whether there's
justification for it or not - to do away with *all*
tribalism, to further the creation of genuinely Marxist-
Leninist parties in the world and to advance, as best I
can, the cause of the international proletarian revolution.
That's why that teaching me some things that old Pausey did
in the past is considered by Ola Echea to be such a "heinous

Rolf M.

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