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Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 22:18:21 +0200
Subject: Re: M-G: M-I at Jefferson Village and Louis Proyect

Dave B wrote:

>I endorse Malecki's demand that Proyect provide evidence of his
>charges against Malecki made in a private letter but now made public,
>or apologise. Failing that, he should be banned from the list until
>he does prove his charges or apologise.

This is serious and must be dealt with. Every long-term list subscriber
recalls and recoils at Louis last summer "holiday" spent threatening Bob
Malecki with exposure as a liar, a free-loader on the anti-Vietnam movement
and a spy in the pay of the cops. Everybody knows and detests his arrogant,
insulting, personalized and psychologizing put-downs of his opponents --
any pretence at political discussion goes right out of the window on these
occasions, it's the real Louis Proyect emerges. Turf-wars in defence of
do-nothing Menshevik club lunchism.

His kind of vitriol clams up discussion -- no inexperienced newcomer would
ever risk getting that kind of response, and a conversational tone is
difficult to manage among old hands if there is a vampire like this

It should be made clear to everybody that Marxism-International is run
without fear or favour, and that these accusations will be tolerated from



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