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Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 16:37:18 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: Re: M-G: Answer to Jim Hillier's (LeninList) pretence and unjustified accusations

Hello "Weklu",

Hear, hear to the below!

It really would deserve being posted to newsgroups
too. I haven't yet checked out whether you've already
done this.

Rolf M. 

>To  Jim Hillier, LeninList
>Dear Jim Hillier,
>Hereby we are asking you again to publish our statement 
>"A. Olaechea's Hysterical Reaction" from July 11, 1997 on the 
>Infamous distraction and hypocrisy have been carried on by you.
>As we can remember, different persons were speaking of the 
>"ambassador of the PCP" on the Internet in the past, without any 
>protest. Therefore we had a reason to assumpt, that the description 
>"describes himself as a representative abroad of the PCP" is
>justified, and it was not by chance we choosed this formulation.
>The formulation "representative" in no way is meaning "leading 
>member" and also even does not mean being a member! 
>A representative abroad of an organization is only a person being 
>abroad, representing the interests of an organization. Therefore 
>we have choosen the general expression "representative" in order 
>to keep our description on a low level, as low as possible.
>Indeed, we don't know anything about Olaechea's membership or non-
>membership of any party. And that really wasn't an important 
>matter of our statement.
>So we are repudiating your accusation and hypocritical ethical 
>fuss. Indeed, you must not address ethical accuses towards us  
>after you  forwarded an insulting  article of Olaechea, in which
>terms like "verminous individual" etc. and pathological phrases 
>were diffused, without any complaint.
>Moreover, it is well-known and testified, that Olaechea is the
>spokesman of the Committee Sol Peru in London. This Committee Sol
>Peru is not only generally defending the PCP in the public but also
>defending their armed actions, armed attacks and outrages.
>READERS?!, when you pretend to take this term "representative" for
>something essential, hold it for something that could be important
>for Olaechea, after all that already happened in the past.
>We wouldn't expose your behavior if you had corrected it in a normal 
>way, but again you misused this point for producing deep insults and 
>unjustified accusations . All this is only pretence.
>Stop your intrigues and dirty propaganda!
>We are demanding from you to publish our article and to send us an 
>Our organization could also do without "LeninList". There are 
>different fora on the Internet where things could be published. 
>If you will not comply with our request, we will feel forced to 
>come to the conclusion and to combat "Lenin-List" on the whole.
>Editorial Staff of NEUE EINHEIT   14 July 1997
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