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Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 09:10:27 +0000
Subject: M-G: ST. LOUIS...........


Louis Proyect together with a few  allies of his have as their
purpose the control and censorship of this and other mailing lists by
abuse, intimidation, sectarianism and manipulation. What he cannot
achieve by means of openness he seeks to achieve by means that would
have even surprised Machiavelli.

St Louis, unable to refute my arguments, has used these methods to
assist in having me unfairly expelled from the Pen-l without even a
forewarning  has been seeking to have people on this list including
myself isolated, silenced or even expelled.

One has to question the motives behind St Louis' actions. He has
over the years played an inimitable part in obstructing the
development of discussion and debate on the marxism lists by means of
the methods outlined above. In many ways he has been pivotal in
preventing the further development of the marxism lists. Recently he
extended his poisonous presence into pen-l where he is deploying the
same techniques. As part of his sectarianism he sends private messages
to his victims that are designed to intimidate. In one such message he
assailed me describing me as as homophobic and disturbed. Now I hear
he is even making private phone calls. What next? Anonymous messages!

Over the years he has repeatedly called for the expulsion or putting
in Coventry of people of different politics. 

In short his conduct on the lists forms a well defined pattern. He
attacks others as sectarian while in practice displaying the most
crude and yet insidious kind of sectarianism himself. 

I have resisted attributing any other motives to his conduct other
than impoverished politics underlined by ignorance and his obvious
limitations as a theorist. Now, like other people, I have to wonder as
to whether there are both ulterior and sinister motives to his
actions. Perhaps his purpose is the prevention of the marxism lists
from developing into quality mailing lists. One then has to ask who is
to benefit from the lists' development being arrested or even their
collapse into a mish mash. It may be no accident that when a debate
begins to develop out in a promising way on a marxism list St Louis,
or one of his brethern, tends to intervene in such a way as to
encourage the debate's deterioration. 

I say all of this after much thought and with great reluctance and
relatively long experience on these lists.



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