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Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 06:47:52 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: M-G: UNITE! Info #42en: 3/4 Ol' Adolfo's funny farm, '97 VII

UNITE! Info #42en: 3/4 Ol' Adolfo's funny farm, '97 VII
[Posted: 19.07.97]

[Continued from part 2/4]

Olaechea's "funny farm" posting
[Forwarded to newsgroups: 09.07.97]

I yesterday replied to two postings to mailing lists by Adolfo 
Olaechea, of the Sol Peru Committee, London, UK, with one of my
own, which I sent to newsgroups too: "Ol' Adolfo's funny farm",
in 2 parts. I'd like to show to newsgroup readers also those
postings by Olaechea which I replied to, since they're pretty
revealing. Here they are. I'm calling them "Olaechea's 'funny
farm' posting" respectively "Olaecha's 'funny farm' extension
posting". - Rolf M.

From: (Hariette Spierings)
Cc: marxism-general-AT-jefferson.village.virginia.EDU

The cater-wailings of "the fox that can not get at the bunch of
grapes" have now reached anti-communist campaign proportions.

A little verminous individual is raising his hand against the 
revolutionary leaders of the proletariat while caricaturising 
Chairman Mao Tse-tung in the most pure "post-modern revisionist

The campaigns engineered by various "one man proletarian 
parties" against giants of thought such as Jose carlos 
Mariategui and Chairman Gonzalo, are nothing but the most 
despicable opportunism collaborating overtly with the Zubatovs 
and Trotskysm and aiming their puny matchstick spears against 
genuine Maoism and the living revolution.

These individuals are proving incorregible.  Moreover, they 
have now adopted the same SANCTIMONIOUS methods of Trotskysm 
screaming and alleging "nationalist bias" when they are 
reminded of their condition of isolated and forlorn individual 
citizens of oppressor countries, and shamed for the crimes of 
their IMPERIALIST countries which today they replicate anew by 
slandering the leading proletarian revolutionaries in the 
oppressed world.

They regard themselves as "Marxists" and scream chauvinism!  
They are completely shameless and moreover, totally ignorant, 
supercilious, idiotic, and pedantic.

However, Karl Marx - himself a German - had this to say about 
this issue:

"In making their revolution, the Germans had to be punished for 
the sins of their entire past.......  Even in places where the 
French came as enemies, they were able to gain recognition and 
sympathy. The Germans, however, are recognised nowhere and find
sympathy nowhere.  Even when they come forward as the 
magnanimous apostles of liberty they are rejected with bitter 
sarcasm.  AND RIGHTLY SO.  A nation which has allowed itself to
be used throughout its history as an instrument for oppressing 
all other nations, a NATION OF THIS KIND, must FIRST PROVE that
it has REALLY BECOME REVOLUTIONARY.  It must prove this in some
other way than through a few semi-revolutions, which have had 
no other result than to allow the old indecisiveness, weakness 
and DISUNITY to CONTINUE IN ALTERED FORMS; revolutions during 
which Radetzky remains in Milan, a Colomb and a Steinacker in
Posen, a Windischgratz in Prague and a Huser in Mainz, just as 
if nothing had happened".

And more: "A revolutionised Germany would have to disown the 
WHOLE OF ITS PAST, especially in relation to the neighbouring 
peoples. It had to proclaim the freedom of the peoples it had 
previously oppressed, at the same time it proclaimed its own 
freedom.  And what HAS revolutionary Germany done?  It has 
completely ratified the old oppression of Italy, Poland, and 
now Bohemia too, by the German soldiery...... AFTER ALL THIS, 
are the Germans really asking the Czechs to trust them?  And 
are the Czechs at fault for their unwillingness to attach 
themselves to a nation which oppresses and ill-treats other 
nations while freeing itself?" (Karl Marx, "The Prague Rising"
N.Rh.Z., 18 June 1848)

today done for the revolution so that they may dare complain of 
"chauvinism"?  Nothing but hot gas emissions and unnending 
slander and innuendo against all serious revolutionaries 
spitting at every towering figure of the international 
proletariat from the molehill of their puny insignificance!

Why should they not be met with the same contempt Marx reserved
for the Germans of the XIX century when parading themselves as
"Magnanimous apostles of liberty"?

What have they done - besides scribbling garbage (and nuclear 
garbage at that) that should spare them outright rejection with 
"bitter sarcarsm" on the part of those whose revolutionary work 
can do very well without their idiotic and objectively counter-
revolutionary behaviour sabotaging it so irresponsibly?

All comrades should most strenously condemn the filthy 
behaviour of Rolf Martens and his GERMANIC BUDDIES in 
slandering the revolutionary leaders of the Communist Party of 
Peru, Chairman Gonzalo and Jose Carlos Mariategui, and thus 
serving the enemies of the Peruvian revolution in the same 
manner as all the sectarians and enemy agents.

Adolfo Olaechea

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[Continued in part 4/4]

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