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Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 07:17:45 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: M-G: UNITE! Info #43en: 5/6 Ola E-son & Ola Echea - eech!

UNITE! Info #43en: 5/6 Ola E-son & Ola Echea - eech!
[Posted: 19.07.97]

[Continued from part 4/6]

Ola Eriksson & Ola Echea - eech! (5)
[Posted: 16.07.97]

This is part of a debate on the Marxism-General mailing list
(M-G) managed by the Spoon Collective (see http://jefferson.
village.Virginia.EDU/~spoons/), and is also sent to newsgroups.

Generals (and you who're not yet on that list too),

In the postings in this series so far it hasn't been made all 
that clear, I believe, how the first-mentioned person in the sub-
ject line, Ola Eriksson, Sweden, actually comes into the picture, 
in the ongoing struggle. He no doubt is much less kown interna- 
tionally than is his partner and "comrade", Adolfo Olaechea.

With two postings now I hope to inform everybody a little better
on this - that is, those at least who haven't already read one or 
both of the two things that I'm now going to repost or forward. 

What this struggle is all about, above all, is how Olaechea, the
relatively well-known purported "Mao Zedong adherent" and "ambas-
sador of the PCP", in reality most fanatically is combating Mao
Zedong's line and combating the just struggle of the PCP too.  

Separately, in the items (5) and (6) of the present series, which
will both have, first, this introductory text that I'm now writ-
ing in common, I shall reproduce respectively quote in full these
two things:

In item (5): My posting of 01.07: "Titbits from SiberiaSwamp (1): 
             Olaechea's comrade in Sweden"

             Btw, that Titbits series hasn't gotten any further 
             yet than just this posting. I hope to repair that. 

In item (6)  A posting that Ola Eriksson himself sent to M-G on
             13.07 in reply to my item (4) in this series

             I'm quoting it in full in order above all to make
             it available to newsgroup readers too. I'd like to
             show everyone what Olaechea's close partner in the
             present conflict is saying. (There's one rather long
             quote from him in the "Titbits" item too.)

This item (5) thus continues with (reposted):

Titbits from SiberiaSwamp (1): Olaechea's comrade in Sweden
[Posted: 01.07.97]


To the Spoon Collective's mailing list Marxism-General (M-G), 
which I can recommend as a good forum for discussions - see
<http://jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU/~spoons/> - and also to
newsgroups, I shall be posting some glimpses of the traffic on 
another and more recently created mailing list, "LeninList".

That "discussion forum" has as one particular rule, decided on by
its group of moderators, that one particular potential sub-
scriber, should he apply to join, would have to see some (it 
wasn't stated which) potential postings of his banned from it (no
reason why was given), namely - me, who since long have been ad-
vocating the political line of Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong. 

On this and other reasons why that list is more of a SiberiaSwamp
than something which its official name indicates, see my M-G res-
pectively newsgroup posting on 29.06[01.07].97, "On [the Spoons']
M-G and SiberiaSwamp ('LeninList')". The latter's homepage is 
at <http.//>. As
Swamp Kommandant functions Jim Hillier, UK, and as Vice Komman-
dant Adolfo Olaechea, likewise UK. 

I'm showing you these titbits or glimpses from it as negative 
examples, as warnings to you perhaps relatively young and inex-
perienced people out there on how some old political swindlers 
(not necessarly those quoted) work, and also for some laughs.

Any comments on the part of the readers I recommend they post 
publicly - RM.

Here's Titbit (1)

This consists more or less completely of some cutouts from a
posting of mine of 29.06, "UNITE! Info #37en", which was very
long and so perhaps some people, who didn't have the appetite to
chew through that entire piece, missed one part of it that might 
otherwise have amused them and which I at least think is instruc-

The theme here is an assessment by some other people of the wri-
tings and political line of that person against whom the "Lenin-
List" has that special "rule" mentioned in the intro, namely, me.

It's not for personal reasons that I'm bringing these cutouts.
Those who in some way have followed the debates on the Net since
a year back ago or so within and concerning the international 
Marxist-Leninist movement at least will see, I think, that the 
below too constitutes a certain part of that debate.

This titbit consists of 3 quotes, the last of which is the main.
It shows what a certain comrade of Adolfo Olaechea's - a person 
who's rather well-known internationally as "ambassador in Europe"
of the PCP in Peru and who has always stressed his "warm adhe-
rence" to the political line of Mao Zedong and his "staunch oppo-
sition" to modern revisionism and (the now beaten) Soviet social-
imperialsm - has to say concerning my writings to a newsgroup in
a language in which both of us also write, Swedish, and concern-
ing political matters in general.

What's happening here is that I on 29.03 applied to join the
"LeninList" (too), despite its already visible Swamp character,
by a posting also sent to M-G. On the same day Olaechea, then 
acting Swamp Kommandant in Jim Hillier's absence, replied i.a.:

Quote 1:

"In your particular case there is already a demand from a 
Swedish subscriber that you should not be admitted at all. I
will ask that comrade to forward again the charges for counter-
revolutionay activities he brings against you, and I will 
forward them to you for your comments, so that the commissioners
panel can study the case properly if they so wish."

Later there was the following comment on that reply by long-
since exposed Net cop Chris Burford, UK - who one year earlier
hadn't seemed very friendly disposed at all, to put it mildly,
towards that writer, the present Acting Swamp Kommandant; pre-
cisely in the week before I exposed him with a long posting, on 
30.06.96, in fact, he had been publicly vilifying precisely that
person 1-3 times a day. But then things sometimes change, don't 

Quote 2:

>Date: Fri, 9 May 1997 07:59:09 GMT
>From: Chris Burford <>
>To: marxism-general-AT-jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU
>Subject: M-G: Sticking labels on people

>Rolf would add to his credibility if he could let us know that 
>he has been accepted on the Leninlist, despite the reservations 
>stemming from a source in Sweden that were made public here,
>which were strikingly similar to the comments made first of all 
>by a subscriber from the MPP New York [that is, the "Quispe"
>agent crowd! - RM] who very unwisely, IMO, raised the question 
>of whether Rolf might be being paid for this behaviour. One 
>way or other it appears Rolf has a credibility problem in his 
>own country.[!!]

It may be noted that my real political activities and standpoint
since more than two decades back are well known to many people 
here in this country. Anyway, the posting that's quoted next
in fact must have been already known to Olaechea when he wrote
Quote 1, since it's dated 3 days before. I later saw it in the
"Leninlist" archives (posting Ll03032 there). It obviously was
*that* posting he was referring to. Readers will understand why
he, however, absolutely didn't want people to see it.

I'm noting here, before this quote, what was the later outcome:
There (of course) never appeared any such "later posting" that
purportedly was to be forwarded to me and/or to the Swamp mode-
rators (who had already seen the actual, earlier one). And
there was never even a reply to my application either. 

Here's, complete and unabridged, the posting to "LeninList" from
the purported "Mao Zedong adherent" Olaechea's comrade in Sweden.

Quote 3:

"From:   Jim Hillier[FAX:+44 (0181) 2928618]
Sent: 	 26 March 1997 08:33
To: 	 ''
Subject: Ola Eriksson: Re Monday Posts on M-I
Subj:	 Monday posts on M-I by Adolfo
Date:	 26/03/97  02:30:00
From: (Ola Eriksson)
To: (Mailing list leninlist)
This message was distributed by the mailing list:

>> Rolf M.

JH> As to comrade Rolf's position it must be said that he - for 
JH> his own narrow reasons - endorses anarchism and fails to 
JH> understand the need to firmly "ball and chain" the 
JH> reactionaries and the agents provocateurs such as malecki,
JH> the fascists posing as "leftists" such as the Peruvian 
JH> old state defender Utica Rose, the Voice of America hacks 
JH> such as Barney Rosser, the criminal anti-working class
JH> wreckers such as the Trotskyst sectarians, and to 
JH> establish the supremacy of Marxism.

I don't know if you really know who Rolf Martens are. I wonder, 
because you called him "comrade".Soon you are going to hear 
from Rolf that he is calling you a nazi, fascist and so on. Its 
a habit for him to call comunists nazi, it's completely clear 
that Rolf don't have any relations to the left side of the 
politics at all. I belived before that he was a securitypolice,
but nowadays I don't belive that the swedich SAPO woult employ
such a crazy person.

Rolf himself allways use the more simple concept for communist 
instead of 'comrade' and that is nazi, fascist, pig and so on. 
Communists which already know him once don't call him comrade 
any more.I hope no one is going to invite him to this list, 
because he in not only an enemy to socialism, he is simply mad.
Rolf Martens write every day in our swnet.politik, here in 
sweden, and a common point of view is that Rolf Martens don't 
have a sound judgement.

I got my first impression of Rolf Martens when I noticed that we 
had a maoist in our newsgroup. I wrote a netmail and told him 
how glad I was to meet a marxist-leninist on Internet, nowadays
marxist-leninists are usually far away from the struggle betwen 
the classes, and the actual discussions.

I really got surprised the next day when I saw my privat netmail
forwarded in swnet.politik by Rolf Martens. Rolf had commented 
my netmail in four replies, because he wanted to proof for his 
"allieds" (<tm>Rolf Martens ) that I was a "nazi-pig". The 
reason was that I called my self marxist-leninist, but wasn't 
anti-soviet as Rolf, and Rolf just ingratiatingly wanted to show
his "allied" how clever he was.Maybe you wonder which allied 
Rolf talk about ? Rolf is a maoist, but a kind of maoist that no
other maoists want to have in their organizations.

It's a feeling that I may be self mad, if i describe Rolfs 
political ideas. One must be mad or use heavy drugs to 
understand Rolfs world.You won't belive this is true, but it's 
anyway nessesary to explain who is Rolf Martens.

In Rolfs world, everything is black and white. The good forces 
are the capitalists, and the nuclear plants,and Mao Tse-Tung. 
The evil forces is the sovietunion, the leftists,the communists
(exept Josef Stalin himself) and the movement for the protection
of the environment.

The alliance Rolf talk about is a alliance between himself and 
the capitalists in sweden, and the nuclearplants. Rolf doesn't
joke, he organized a campain for the old nuclearplant 
"Barseback" near Malmoe, which the swedish governement decided
to close. The company allow Rolf to organize the campain from 
inside the administration building at the powerplant.

Rolfs point of wiew is that everyone who is against nuclear 
power is a nazi. The worst example of a nazi ,explained Rolf, 
am I because my point of view is against nuclearpower. I didn't
by my self realize that i was against nuclear power, before Rolf
told me, but now I know it. I had already heard from "others" 
that I was a nazi, so that wasn't a surprise for me. But I 
didn't realize that a person like Rolf Martens really CAN 
exists, it's difficult to belive.

In Rolfs World, one must use strong drugs or be crazy for 
understanding his Ideas. The enemy of the world, and especially
enemy of sweden is the soviet union. The soviet union blast by 
themselves the powerplant in Chernobyl, because the want to get
the world frighten of nuclear power,is Rolf teatching us.

Their malicious strategy is to help their agents in the movement
for a better environment, and by using them as a tool, to close 
all powerplants. Sovietunion (satan) decided to win by the use 
of theese methods,and the agents of soviet union is working 
every day to accieve the goals; leftists, communists,and members
of the movement for a better environment.

By the theories of Chairman Mao, Rolf is explaining to his 
"allied" about the big conspiracy in Rolfs world. Not even the 
"allied", the capitalists are peopley one can thrust,is Rolf 
teching us. No, not even his allied can one belive, if case 
people not are agents for the sovietunion, the soviet union can 
buy them for money. The concervatives and the fascists is 
telling Rolf to cool down, drink a cup of coffee, and so on.

Well i shall not continue to descibe this, i'm not a 
psychiatrist. Rolf is the real petty-borgeouise, but most of 
all; he is MAD. We told him many times that sovietunion no 
longer exists, but Rolf goes on, and on, and on.. His 
antisovietism is a disease. 

The most disgusting fact is his relations to fascists and 
conservative people. Rolf behave himself as a DOG when he trying
to show how clever he is, and very ingratiatingly tell them that
he is their "allied". They are telling him to fuck off. It's 
very rude, but it's honest.

Rolfs behaviour is like Gollum, a disgusting creature. No one
want to deal with him, not even the conservatives or fascists, 
but Rolf doesn't care. He keep on telling Tony Krvaric from San
Diego about "their" alliance, while everybody is telling the 
pettyborgeous to go to hell.

Now a lot of partys had expeld Rolf martens. KPML(r), different
maoistsorganiszations, and the last organization which expeld 
Rolf Martens was the organization which he self founded at the 
Barseback powerplant. The company don't want to deal with him, 
nor the conservatives either, and no one want to deal with him 

Please don't give him access to this mailinglist!"

[So far the posting by the comrade in Sweden of Adolfo 
Olaechea, UK]

Rolf M.

[So far this repost]

[Continued in part 6/6]

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