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Date: Fri, 4 Jul 1997 23:50:47 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: M-G: I'm happy too, Shan, about HK - only one snag

Hello Wang Shan,

Concerning your posting "Why are Chinese world wide soooo HAPPY
with Hong Kong's return?" (from <>):

I absolutely agree with what you're saying on Western colonialism's
and imperialism's barbaric acts against the Chinese people, and of
course I too support the return of Hong Kong to China. It absolutely
is a just thing.

Thank you for including me in your Cc list for the below article of 
yours. I'm forwarding it now to some newsgroups and to the Marxism-
General mailing list managed by the Spoon Collective - you know of 
course that I'm not an adherent of (mainstream) "Western media" but 
one of Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong - together with just a brief 
comment of mine.

This is on what I hold to be a negative - secondary but anyway -
aspect of Hong Kong's return: The very bad character, for the
people of China, of the present government there. In my opinion,
it's worse than that which existed in recent years in Hong Kong,
and this despite the fact, which I of course know too, that that
former government was still a foreign-dominated one. 

Seen from the standpoint of the interests of all people, those
in Hong Kong, those in the rest of China and those in the whole
world, it's best anyway that Hong Kong has become Chinese again.

What I hope is that the people of China will eventually replace
the bad government in their country with a (really) socialist one, 
just as I hope for and advocate the establishment of such a
government here in Sweden, a country which today is controlled by 
a mob of exploiters and oppressors too. 

Concerning this, I'd like to conclude this comment with a quote 
from the former Chinese revisionist (false "Marxist") dictator 
Deng Xiaoping, who in his speech to the UN General Assembly on 
behalf of the then really socialist China, Mao Zedong's China, on 
10.04.1974 (a speech which I posted part of in my "UNITE! Info 
#11en" on 25.06.1996, and this particular quote I also posted again 
in "Info #29en/de/fr/es/se", on 23.03. 1997, because I think that
this was really something very correct that Mr. Deng then said,
whoever may have insisted on his including it in his speech - I have 
a little theory on that one, namely, that it was Chairman Mao):  

"If one day China should change her colour and turn into a
superpower, if she too should play the tyrant in the world, and
everywhere subject others to her bullying, aggression and
exploitation, the people of the world should identify her as
social-imperialism, expose it, oppose it and work together
with the Chinese people to overthrow it."

(Speech by Chairman of the Delegation of the People's Republic
of China, Teng Hsiao-ping, at the Special Session of the U.N.
General Assembly [April 10, 1974], Foreign Languages Press,
Peking 1974, p. 21)

Rolf M.

You wrote, Shan:

>Hi, there western media:
>Regardless of their political or religious points of view, Chinese world
>wide are celebrating Hong Kong's return because the colonization of Hong
>Kong is a symbol of UNfair treatment of western culture imposed against less
>developed countries. Now this unfairness will be reversed in just a couple
>of days! As Winston Churchill said: "It is not the end, but the beginning of
>the end."
>Looking at the whole human history Chinese were half a century earlier to be
>able sail long distance on the oceans than western countries came to India
>via South Africa. But we Chinese did not and DO NOT want to colonize any
>other nations. However, this kind of friendly and peaceful attitude received
>a barbarian treatment by western countries.
>In the middle of 19th century, western culture, represented by Britain, made
>their best efforts to sell drugs to China, a kind of products toughly
>perhibitted even in today's western countries. Even in business term this
>was NOT a honest business which EVERY country has the right to ban.
>If US even today have the right to put the drug smuggling president of
>Panama into US jail, why should China NOT have the right to burn the
>Britains' Opiums smuggled to China via their diplomatic representatives?
>According to both today's and those days' common practice China HAS any kind
>of justification for that action against illegal drugs. NO reasonable person
>can deny that. However, the western culture, be it has some possitive
>things, did a even more wrongful thing: imposing war against China,
>resulting the loss of Hong Kong for over 150 years out of Chinese hand.
>The explanation and education of that war might have different versions in
>the west or in China. But the basic version is the same: Britains tried to
>sell drugs illegally in China.-> China burned these drugs. -> Britain
>imposed war against China. -> China lost the war and had not only have to
>allow Britain to sell more drugs in China "legally" but also to give up Hong
>this kind of BARBARIAN ACT? Describing the Opium War, as "commercial
>conflict" as your historical record does, can ONLY cheat yourselves, but not
>other people!
>Personally I am not against destroying military constructions in times of
>wars. That's normal part of human practice in the whole human history, fine
>with me. However, WHERE do you western culture have the RIGHT and
>Emporer's Summer Palaces? They do not have ANY military use and meaning!
>RAPING Chinese civilians was also one of western barbarian acts to impose
>shame on us Chinese!
>Now you might, hopefully, understand why Chinese world wide are sooooooooooo
>HAPPY with Hong Kong's return to Chinese hand, regarless what parties they
>are in and what kind of view they have because it is the beginning to
>correct this UNfairness over hundred years imposed by western culture to
>With beginning I mean that western countries need NOW to start thinking of
>their acts against other nations and repairing the damages they did. Of
>course it is very easy to escape from this embarrasement or dilemma by
>saying:"We are not responsible for those acts conducted by our
>grandparents." as you justify your acts against native people in America,
>Australia and Africa. However, this kind of easy reaction would not help
>solving the conflicts and resolving the unjustice or unfairness other
>nations suffered under western temporary superiority. It is neither healthy
>for mutual understanding between East and West.
>It is NOT too late to think of paying back the damages against China even if
>it is already over 150 years. But it WILL be tooooooooo late to start
>thinking of this in another 50 years because Chinese nation is very very
>aware of history. If no repairing damages would be considered at a proper
>time, I am pretty sure: by the time after I die, Chinese might come down to
>London and burn down also Britain's cultural sites, including Buckingham
>Palace. This would be NOT happy for anybody. To avoid that kind of tragedy,
>it is very wise to think of the suggestions I made above NOW!
>Yours Sincerely
>Wang Shan
>exercising my entitled
>freedom of speech

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