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Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 21:18:47 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: Re: M-G: Martens, & a missed business opp. for Doug

Doug Left Biz Obs wrote, on 26.07:

>Rolf Martens - 15 postings totaling 224 kilobytes. Please, I've got better
>things to do with my time and disk space than download all that crap. Put a
>lid on it.
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Doug LBO, if you really had had some ambitions towards being
a Marxist, you'd have had some use for this thing I posted,
even if it was pretty =F6ong.

As it is, I could have recommend you the delete button, the
use of which in this case would only have taken you 2 seconds at
the most, much less time than the complaint you just wrote.

But the essence of your "complaint" of course is, that you *don't
want the genuine leftists to read* such things. Isn't that a fact?
It's an action in the direction of suppressing information (well,
trying to, anyway).

But: I don't normally "turn the other cheek". For you,
I shall now make an exception! (Sometimes you've written
things I thought showed some sense of humour, at least, if
nothing else.)

Now that I'm writing to you anyway I'm going to tell you about
an opportunity which there *might* have been for you personally,
perhaps, of for some friends of yours - such I suppose there are -
who are in the possession of some real Capital.

You're a Business Observer, right?

Now I on my part don't have prejudices - I like to think - against
such people; sometimes I try to observe some business myself.

But anyway: In Lake Kivu, on the eastern border of Congo (ex-Zaire),
there have been measured rather considerable quantities of hydro-
carbons, pointing to there being a reservoir of natural gas - perhaps
oil too - under that lake. This was written about, I remember, by
astronomer(s?) Thomas Gold and (co-author) Soter in an article in
Scientific American, some issue in 1980, "The Deep-Earth-Gas
Hypothesis". - Remember how once you tried to make fun of me,
when I pointed out the real origin of oil and natural gas long
ago, saying that I "believed oil came from outer space"?

Now today, quite a lot of people in the oil business do know
about that deep gas etc, they have realized that the "fossil"
theory (at least in the main) isn't the correct one at all.

But I don't know whether any of them have contacted the new
government in Congo - the AFDL led by Kabila, whose insurrection
I on my part supported from last November on, in opposition to
some others, remember?  So, here comes that opportunity that
you'll probably miss:

If you know some of the right people, you could forward to them
this tip of mine which I'm now giving you totally free of charge:

It probably would be quite rewarding for to ask the Congolan
government for permission to drill a little under Lake Kivu,
and if gas etc is found, to exploit it.

The thing would serve the Congolan people too, since the
government there certainly doesn't have resources of its own
to drill. That goverment, I believe, *would* let a big part
of the taxes on such an enterprise benefit the people.

Under certain circumstances, a government that is somehow really
of the people, which that of Kabila to me does appear to be,
of course *can* let foreign capitalists in. You who do know some
history, Doug LBO, know that Lenin's government in the Soviet
Union did so, in the specific conditions of the early
1920s. He, Lenin, said then, about this: The question is, who
beats whom.

So, what about such an thing? I mean, talking to some friends
of yours about this - if there aren't others already who have
such a contract with the AFDL people?

Here comes my point: You, Doug LBO, probably are *not* going to
do so, because you 1) don't believe this I'm saying about the
origin of oil and natural gas 2) you're not even going to check
it out either, just because you're so certain its "wrong".
(Though it *is* correct!)

So, there goes your nice share of those very big profits that
there almost certainly are (or would be, if nobody got there
first) to get in Congo, your "tip reward" or what one might
call it.

And why? Basically because that bourgeois ideology which you have
been brought up with is so degenerated that it's not even a "good
old" capitalist entrepreneur ideology any more, it's an extremely
parasitic and "green" ideology - which you're believing in, and
you cannot be blamed entirely for that yourself; you're a victim
of circumstances and you're by no means alone in your circles
of society but surrounded by lots of other equally brainwashed
people too - and so it will not see the temptation even to drill
under Lake Kivu, not even to check out whether this "moron", me,
who you probably quite sincerely *think* is a "moron" to, "for
once" might be right.

Puh, why did I take all that trouble to write this above stuff
down in the first place?

Well, to tell you personally off just a little bit of course,
and also not least to criticize some more the present-day
*fantastically parasitic* anf good-for-nothing system of
capitalism and imperialism, which to a certain extent
*doesen't even want to develop things" any more, doesn't even
want to *make an 'honest' buck" any more.

As I said, that tip of mine, if you'd care to use it, is
totally free of charge!

Rolf M.

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