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Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 09:54:37 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: M-G: Hey Doug H. - at last a soulmate of yours in Sweden?

Hey Doug H. - at last a soulmate of yours in Sweden?

Doug Henwood (Left Biz Obs), I remember that you some months ago
wrote something to the effect, how could it be that postings
precisely from Sweden were so "awful".

You didn't make clear in what way you held them to be so, or
what you might think they had in common. There at the time were
three people posting from this country, Hugh Rodwell, Bob 
Malecki and I, and at least my standpoint on some vital issues 
was and is very different from that of the two first-mentioned, 
who are both Trotskyites. But anyway, in Sweden you on your part
apparently saw no "kindred spirit" at all.

Now since some weeks back, perhaps you do?

I don't mean that other subscriber to this list which there is
who has a Swedish address too: <> - he
or she so far hasn't said posted anything (well, I may be for-
getting something, but if so, quite long ago) and today at least 
just is a "business observer" (like yourself, only in another 
way). I mean that relatively new subscriber from this country, 
Ola Eriksson.

Now I've already written a little about him, in connection with
his close partner, Ola Echea. I've helped disseminate some of 
his instructive statements further too, to newsgroups etc.

And for instance, he yesterday made two postings to this list
in his characterisic style.

Now doesn't *his* conception of things come very close to yours,
Doug Left Biz Obs?

Firstly, he too just *loves* that social-imperialist Soviet
Union of the Khrushchev-Brezhnev-etc era. - You did quote with 
some relish, last autumn, the statement by someone that "if
there was ever a people that deserved to be raped, if was the
Afghan people". The social-imperialists did just that pretty tho-
roughly, everybody must admit.

Secondly, he too is scared to death of a certain *metal*, namely
that in reality (to most people) very friendly stuff, plutonium,
and every night, just like you, before going to bed checks under
it to see if there isn't perhaps a piece of it lying there just
waiting to jump up and bite him in the face.

Thirdly, he just like yourself dislikes very much the writings
of one particular subscriber and yells quite loudly, just as
you sometimes do too - once quite recently - when they appear, 
namely those from me, because I'm advocating the political line 
of Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong.

What do you say, Doug LBO? Isn't there now finally one writer
here in Sweden whom you can approve on? You don't need to be shy
about admitting it. And, in justice, I'd like to add that I on
my part don't think that you're *quite* as bad as Ola Eriksson.

Rolf M. 

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