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Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 11:06:34 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: M-G: bye 

>REAL struggle of REAL workers.  When I post a literal translation of
>what a Russian car plant worker thinks about the
>struggle of his class I do this not in order to elicit condescending
>comments from our profesional revolutionaries of the Internet but in
>hope, however faint, that some worker across the ocean learns about
>(and, perhaps, from) his Russian comrade.

I wish you success in your efforth. My intention to participiate here was
to find working peoply who are writing on internet. I didn=B4t find any of
that kind on this list, when I read it april. Another reason to not write
here is Rolf Martens, I tried to avoid to get involved in his scandals.
Obviously you are trying to get me involved in a scandal.

As you can see decided Rolf Martens to write slander in 20 newsgroups and
mailinglists about me. I just had to connect these groups and lists, to see
what it=B4s all about. I noticed now that this question only concern petty
borgerous people, and they doesnt have any reason to stop it.

>(and, perhaps, from) his Russian comrade.
>My only ambition is that those conscious workers around the world who
>have access to the net will know that, from time to time, they can
>listen in m-g  to the voices of real Russian workers and that perhaps
>some of them get in touch with one another. That's all.

I don=B4t agree.. You said that you here in M-G will listen to workers ?

It=B4s hard to belive; a person in this list wrote that Rolf Martens before
had collected names and information about 20 leftists, and gave it to the
security service, i replied to that person that it=B4s neccessary to get more
information about it, *if it=B4s true*, then i suggest that Rolf Martens
should be expelled from the list, to protect the "workers" you say are
participiating in this list.

Obviously you disagree to expell Rolf Martens by that reason, obviously
there is no reason to find the truth in this case. It seems like questions
about the point of view in the class struggle here are the petty borgeous one.

I don=B4t want to get involved in such interests, that=B4s your own buissiness. Bye

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