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Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 19:19:03 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: Re: M-G: Re: Re "cops", "expulsions", etc.

Karl C, you wrote the below on 30.07,

and please, for my standpoint, se my reply to Vlad
& Bob, which I just posted. You of course are also
anong those people, then, which I in one passage am
saying "thanks heaven" for. (OK, I know: "Dunbar says
there is no God" - Catch-22 - but that was just a manner
of speech, and besides, I today hold that former "Catch"
favourite of mine to be basically reactionary too).
Anyway, nice to see such things as this one!

Rolf M.

>KARL: I found the passage below copied from a recent message of Vladimir to 
contain a lot
>of sense. I am certainly against any attempts to have anybody including 
Rolf expellef
>from this list. 
>VLADIMIR:Now to Rolf's detractors.  Chris Burford and Ola Eriksson have 
>that Rolf withdraw or be expelled from the list. And Hans Ehrbar
>immediately follows up on this by sayng that while the list "lacks" the
>expulsion policy he is "willing" to expel Rolf if the "list" decides so.  
There is an air
>of concerted effort in all this and it bothers me.  Who is the "list"?The 
list are those
>who contribute to it.  But out of the four individuals who appear to wish 
Rolf out, three
>have made no
>contributions ever to m-g.  Doug Henwood have been lurking here for reasons 
known only to
>him.  Ola Eriksson's just appeared out of the blue and, it seems, with the 
only goal of
>purging Rolf out of here. Hans Ehrbar is "technical personel" -- for which 
we're all
>grateful to him -- but not a contributing list member.  So I do not see 
what right these
>three have to demand some one's expulsion from the list of which they are 
not bona fide
>participants.  To allow this could make a very dangerous precedent.  To 
give you an
>example.  Say, I don't like a list member and want him out.  I ask a dozen 
of my friends
>who have
>nothing to do with marxism or simply no desire or time to contribute to the 
list to help
>me.  They subscribe, and a week or two later I give them a signal to pop up 
and become a
>vox populi demanding the expulsion of my enemy.  We don't want this to 
happen to this
>precious list of ours, do we?  
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