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Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 04:05:33 -0400
Subject: M-G: Two minor but important points!

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Dear lists,

Sorry to break in this way in the middle of the summer and disturb you on 
the lists with a cople of minor but important events in Sweden which are 
quite interesting. I know that on M-I the debates on State capitalism and 
fascism are taking up quite a bit of energy. And on M-G the Russian question 
centered around Vlad's new found love of the masses and Soviets has taken 
the front stage. Not to mention the LP list where our Socialists are 
wringing their hands about which Democratic party bill to capitulate too. 
And last but not least alt. socialism Trotsky on Usenet where the gang these 
days are doing a cyberfarting gossip column of who did what where
on mostly the American left scene. OOPs I almost forgot the "Red Cabbage" 
list which appears to have fallen into a summer siesta!

Bt the way all Cockroach subscribers wuill have to resubscribe. My dog ate 
the diskette with the address list!

Anyhow the two important points!

The first is quite remarkable and in a sense is tied into the demise of 
Stalinism and the destruction of the Soviet Union through capitalist counter 
revolution. Not to mention the leap to the right by International Social 
Democracy and the whole "new" labor verses the old labour debate. In 
Skellefftea a major small industrial city here in the north of Sweden the 
first PRIVATE alternative to taking care of the old timers who are sick and 
can no longer get the healthcare they have historically had in this once 
upon a time example of the welfare state! Yup the first serious step to 
privatisation of healthcare which in fact is just another step in the 
dismantling of the welfare state has finally reached the fundemental pillar 
of general state run healthcare which has been the norm for Sweden.

This comes as no surprise for communists who for a number of years now have 
been pointing out that the world wide attack against the gains made by the 
workers movement are quickly being taken back through a worldwide counter 
attack by capitalists just in relation to the enormous defeat the worldwide 
proletariat has suffered because the Stalinists took the Soviet Union down 
the path of capitalist counter revolution.

The other interesting point is the fact that since the state opened up the 
entire northern half of Sweden to private prospecteering. There has been and 
unprecented rush by International mining companies to get in on the action. 
In the lead is Roo Tinto Zinc which has two representatives who have taken 
over the once state run geogical bureau. Over 200 million crowns just this 
year has been invested by International mining corporations in Prospecting. 
The hope of finding large desposits of precious metals and diamonds seems to 
be the main motivation for this new "Gold rush" in the north of Sweden. One 
should mention here that Rio Tinto Zinc gets its blood money from declaring 
war on the people on the island of Bougainville who closed down their mining 
operations a few years back. The mine on Bougainville was one of its biggest 
sources of profit both for the mining company but also the Australian state 
which has backed up the company with military support and a blocade of the 
island for years.

So it goes in this warn summer as our "Marxists", "Socialists", Communists, 
hotly debate and squirm in their stools in front of the computers..

Warm regards
Bob Malecki
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