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Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 20:53:09 -0400
Subject: M-G: Castro: Light for the Pope, darkness for the people

More on the exposure of the revisionist Hillier QC and his "defendant" the
renegade revisionist Fidel Castro - brother of Indira Gandhi, intimate
friend of Alberto Fujimori, partner of Franco's Fascist Spanish camarilla
and oppressor and traitor to the revolutionary Cuban people, who is prepared
to sell out to US imperialism with the assistance of the reactionary Pope

Matthew Campbell writes reporting from Washington:

"Whether or not the comandante reaches for his rosary in January, Havana
will feel the benefit: such is the importance being attached to the Pope's
visit that, FOR THE DURATION, Castro has DECREED there must be LIGHT. Cubans
will be guaranteed a respite from the power cuts that blight their lives".

Contrast that "revolutionary socialist policy" not only with the manner in
which in two occassions the genuine proletarian revolutionaries of Peru have
"received" Wotjila and his chatter about "lambs lying down with lions",
"peace with social justice" and such like:  Blowing up the electricity
pylons along the entire backbone of energy supply for the country and
blackening the capital while Wotjila's landing plane was greeted by a
gigantic flaming fire in the form of a hammer and sickle.  

Contrast it with comrade Stalin's own rejection when the allied leaders
wanted to include Wotjila's predecessor Pope Pious in joint negotiations:
"How many divisions has the Pope got?" 

In other words, revolutionary leaders can meet with the leaders of the
reactionary camp when concrete questions of power - war and peace - are
being decided.  From one power to another.  What has the Pope got to do with
political power? Nothing.  He is the representative on earth of an
"spiritual power", the power of reactionary obscurantism, the power of the
ideology of reaction and submission to the powerful.  

There is nothing for a genuine socialist country to be gained from an
"spiritual" accomodation with the ideology of reaction, on the contrary, as
history has proven it, the giving of a platform to Wotjila is but a
consequence of ideological surrender to the "spiritual powers" of the ruling
classes, and a prelude to the restoration of all the trappings of bourgeois
society at the super-structural level.

It is no accident that Wotjila's tours in Eastern Europe were in fact
shortly followed by the outright capitulation of the restorationist renegade
revisionist in those countries and the overt triumph of reaction and
obscurantism in that part of the world.

Clutching at straws, the apologists of Cuban revisionism have tried to
equate this counter-revolutionary collusion between Castro and Wotjila, the
standard-bearer of the most anti-communist ideology, with the necessary and
concrete contacts and negotiations undertaken by Lenin and Stalin regarding
the survival of the Soviet State and the need to keep the imperialist war
away from Soviet territory for as long as possible.

No wonedr then that Castro, when asked by Dan Rather earlier this year in
American Television News whether he was worried that history would treat him
as "another Stalin", the renegade responded with his characteristical modesty:

"I am more like Christ", going on to describe himself as a "redeemer sent to
save Cuba from poverty and despair".

And to remember too one of the infamous "Thoughts of Fidel Castro" being
promoted together with the rest of his kilometric rantings by the Chinese
"Joint-stockholder socialists":

"I believe Karl Marx would have subscribed to the Sermon of the Mount"!

Is that their "Marxist-Leninist proletarian leader"?  Sounds to me like the
most absurd slander on Karl Marx. Count me out please from such a
"proletariat" as castro may belong to.  The proletariat is not a flock of
sheep, nor does this class stand in need of redeemers or "Christs" to preach
at them the condescending saviour and do-gooders ideology of the Sermon of
the Mount:

"Peace on earth to all men of good will".

It is clear that come January, Castro is to show himself alongside his long
sought and finally encountered Living "Marx" on Earth:  The preacher Wotjila
and his Sermon from Mount Havana!:  Teach the ignorant, dress the naked,
bury the death, feed the hungry, console the suffering, because the poor
will always be with you! - that is the ideology of the Sermon of the Mount,
and that, according to Castro, is what Marx would have subscribed to!.

Ours is the ideology of the revolutionary proletariat, bequathed to us by
Marx and Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao.  Ours is an ideology of
revolutionary overthrow, of harnessing and organising poverty for the
overthrow of opression and exploitation, not for acts of charity and the
distribution of alms.  What do we have in common with that ideology of
consolation and "alms giving"?    

We are communist fighters for the abolition of class society, not a tropical
version of the Good Samaritan, nor Marxian socialism has anything in common
with clerical rubbish!

Adolfo Olaechea



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