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Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 13:40:19 +0000
Subject: M-I: Racism, now

It's interesting (in a sad way) that right now, has I'm writing, there
are a million man, women and children let alone starving to dead,
without medical assistence, althought there are food and medical goods
to be delivered to them. Only there is no politicall will to do so.

I'm talking about the Zaire situation, for wich I don't know much about
it, if the origin of the situation it's only the ethnics confrontation
between utus and tootsies, if it's rooted on imperialist division of
African territories, if it's a capitalist interest in having those
peoples underdeveloped, and if they are too much they could die as

But my point here is that nowone on this list, supposedly
anti-capitalist, anti-imperilist and anti-racist seems to care about

There's another aproach to this, a pomo one, in wich I state that no one
cares because this is a "non-evenement" in a Baudrillard sense (when
they are all dead, there will be no noticeable consequences of that), or
that those million people are just "surplus-flesh", non-wired bodies
(they don't have access to the net = they don't exist), in a Arthur
Krocker sense.

But having a marxist approach or a pomo one, the fact remains the same.
They are dying and they will be dead before we can even talk about it.

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