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Subject: Re: M-I: Reply to Carrol Cox
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 11:34:44 EST

No woman's question of whether she was or was not included in the
"fraternity," frat, brotherhood, band of working men--no such question
should go ignored on a marxist list.

	*You ignorant pompous *ass**  Have you not been reading
	posts or been in tune to what has been going on here?!  Are
	you totally *stupid* or just a *moron*?!  By using the term
	"Fraternally", I was **NOT** indicating that women were
	not to be a part of this list!!  YOU, my friend, ARE NOT a
	MARXIST!!  A *Marxist* would realize that I have taken
	steps to correct this "flaw" in my typing, and live life,
	already!!  Do you sit at home and just wait for Caruso to
	make a mistake so you can launch into some full scale
	attack on his word(s)?!  I think so!  GET A HOBBY!!!!

Anthony J. Caruso

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